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2004 Shows


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I will admit I dont go to the park to see shows the only shows I watched was the Scooby Doo show when they had it and the Nick show plus I would go to that CMT show.With rumors of scooby doo show popping back in to certain parks I dunno...I will go to a scooby show if PKI does has it again but other than that I doubt I will see any shows at the park next year.

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It seemed to me that everytime I came to the park, the shows were not on. I have one comment though. This is to everyone that took the survey not to long ago, what do you think of a Mission Impossible Stunt Show. I personally think it would be awesome. I really think it is what PKI is missing. I wish PKI would get one or two GOOD shows. Every now and then, I like to go to a park and watch the shows.

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