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Cedar Point trip

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Heres my report on how my weekend at Cedar Point went.

Saturday 6-28-08

We left my house at about 2am and began our long trip up the Cedar Point. Nothing exciting about the trip up.

We arrived at the park at about 8:30 am and it was so awesome to see the Park as we crossed the Causeway, Everyone whom has been there would agree that the first sight in a very long time is something that can make any long trip up there well worth it. Its just so beautiful.

After getting in the park we take advantage of our platinum Passes and head back to MF for the first ride to start the day. We only wait about 10 mins and we are off. Love that ride its a great way to start off the day. Then we walk our way over to TTD, Wait was 20 mins. They were only running the first three rows of seats at this time. so what could have been five minutes turned into 20. Still cant complain because we new that later in the day it would be a longer wait.

We then went and rode Magnum about 2 times in a row. There was no line for it and its a great ride, specially in the back. The air time is wonderful and forceful. I love the parts in the tunnels when you least expect it you are thrown into the air out of your seats.

After that We left the park to go and see if we could find a Hotel. If any of you read my topic before I went You would know that we had a hard time finding a place before going. When we got there though it was like it was going to be the same. We tried about 4 hotels before a wonderful lady told us about a little Motel that was only 60.00 dollars a night and that they still had rooms open. So we go check it out and we are in luck they have one. Now it wasn't the Hilton, but it was a place to stay for the night, we were scared we were goin to have to sleep in the car.

After eating a quick lunch of Potato chips and sodas we headed back to the park.

We decided to head to the back of the park. Mean Streak was where we were headed. We got in line expecting it to be long but it was walk on. Backseat was what he rode, and it is one of the roughest rides I have ever been on. You guys complain about The Beast and Son of Beast being rough well this thing makes them look smooth as ice. But was a great ride.

We then checked the wait for Maverick and it was too long for us, so we planed to hit it first in the morning Sunday.

We then decided to ride SkyHawk. I liked it last year and wanted to do it this year, This is where the on of the worst part of our trip was. We get on the ride and the ride opps tell us not to pull down and the restraints, My friends restraint went down by itself and when the ride opp came around to check out seats the pushed his bar down hard It was way to tight on him. He is a very thin person and has like no fat on his body and it was down so tight that you could see his stomach hanging over the bar. He told her it was to tight and she walked away saying that when the rides over he can push it down and get out. I told another ride opp that was checking mine, she ignored me and just walk away and started to ride. When we got off my friend had bruises on his hips. We then walk all the way up to the front of the park and told Guest Services and they were a great help. They gave us a complaint paper to fell out and said she would give it to management and the end of the night.

After that we went and Rode Raptor befor deciding to call it a day.

Sunday 6-29-08

We get to the park at about 9 am and walk back to maverick which had a weight already. We decided that we would spit up and ride as single riders to make the weight shorter, We get up to the station and on the ride. It was a great ride and would love to have done it again if the line wasn't so long. This is where some humor comes in to play. Some where in the middle of the ride a Bird Pooped on my pants and when I went to get my sunglasses out of my pocket i stuck my hand in it. It was kinda funny because I had just said before getting in line, " I wonder if anyone has ever gotten poop on while riding a coaster up here?" Well I answered my question.

After Maverick We took a trip on MeanStreak again and decided to try the front. The front is a way better seat the the back. Its full of surprises all around the track. But is just as rough as the back. But its still a great coaster. We walked around the park hitting everything on the way that we felt like riding, this includes Gemini, Magnum(3 times in a row), Mantis and MF, We then left the park and went a ate at Subway. When we got back to the park we went and Saw the show All wheels Extreme, It was a alright show but i felt that it was a little to Broadway. There was to much sing and dancing and not enough extreme to it. When we left the show we went to ride one of my Favorite flat rides. Chaos when we were in line my friend reliased that he didnt have his wallet and we new where it was or at least where it was suppose to be. We went back to the show and it was closed up. We asked a women working it if we could go inside and see if we can find it. She said yes and when we got in there it was gone so we went and filled with the police that we had lost it. They told us to keep checking back, to see if they had found it.

We then went back to ride Chaos which is where my bad fortune showed up yet again. When the ride opp came around to pull down the black leg restraint he told us to raise our hands and when I did we closed the restraint smashing my hand between the two restraints. It really hurt and all he could do was say I asked you to move you hands. I came back and yelled you said raise you hands and i did. If you wouldn't of said anything it wouldn't have happened. He said he knew what he said and that He wouldn't have told me to raise my hand, But a women in the next car over had heard him and yelled you told him to raise his hand, We heard you over here. While we were arguing my hand was still stock there. I asked him to please release it and he did so but was sentimental at all about the pain I was having. Never even said he was sorry.

The rest of the night wasn't too eventful just a great time riding rides and having fun. We checked in with the police every so often to see if his wallet had been found, but with the same reply, NO.

We then looked at our watches and it was about 8pm there we going to close soon so we wanted to ride our Fav rides at least one more time before leaving. We hit Magnum and rode it twice and got in line for TTD and rode it twice and then we Got it line for MF, at Like 10 till 10. The line was like 45 mins and Didn't take that long to get on it. That is a great ride at night. Seeing all the Lights on all over the park was great and the rush of the cool air all around your body was also great. It was a great way to finish the weekend.

After that we went and sat and waited about an hour to see if anyone would turn in his wallet before we left. And this is when I decided to smoke out side of a smoking area. I was sitting on the ground and lit up. The only reason I decided to smoke out side a smoking area was because I saw some of the employees doing it too. I had a women walk up to me and say that smoking is only permited in smoking areas only. I looked at her and said well if other employees can smoke here then so can I. I pointed her to them and she walked away. We checked on last time to see if his wallet had been turned in and it had not.

Other then the rough times over the weekend we had fun. It stunk that it went by so quickly. But cant wait to go back next year.

Oh and I almost for got about our marathon ride on Blue Streak, We rode it like 6 times in a row with no line to wait in. That ride gives The Racers a run for its money, I love me some old wooden rollercoasters.

Thanks for reading.

Trint 2004




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I was at Cedar Point on Sunday. I got there plenty early for my ERT. I made the second train on MF in the front seat, then I hit Raptor, which was a walk on, front seated it too. Even got a Maverick ride in, all by 10:30am. Man I wish Kings Island had ERT's like Cedar Point. I mainly went there to get some T-shirts, see I'm going to Canada's Wonderland this year, and I got to show off my Ohio Pride. Behemoth might be the biggest coaster in Canada, but I just dont think it will touch the Force. I plan on weiring my MF shirt with it's stats when I ride Behemoth the first time. I love Canada, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to coasters, Ohio rules.

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