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TG93'z Dollywood PTR

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Part #1

The Drive

Well my grandparents, my cousin and myself and sister were off on a Smokey mountain adventure. This was my very first time at the park. We had tickets for 2 days.

Cinn. Passing by on our way to Tenn.


We start to see the mountains off in the distance.


Dollywood Billboards start to pop up around Tenn.


After about 8 hours we finally arrive at our campground and spend the rest of the night there around town. And eat at the famous "Old Mill".


The following day (Monday) we arrive at the park at about 8:40 and hop on the tram and head toward the entrance.




Well thats all for now Keep looking for "Part 2 Timber Canyon"

Comments welcome :rolleyes:

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Part #2
Timber Canyon

Before entering the park we noticed that "Timber Tower" was closed today, which wasn't a surprise to me because of screamscape.
We head up the hill to the Timber Canyon and wait for the ropes to drop.
We wait at Thunderhead for it to open, they were still doing test rides. It took about 15 min. for them to open.
We get in line for row #2 and ride.
I was very disappointed with Thunderhead, it was not what it was hyped up to be. But it was still a great ride but a tad bit bumpy in spots. It's no voyage thats for sure. Then we reride toward the back...9/10....... Mystery Mine was next on the list.
Heres my cousin and myself enjoying Mystery Mine on our 2nd lap.
Mystery Mine was Amazing, those vertical drops and the great theming really make this ride one of the best I've experienced. 10/10

Well thats all for now Keep looking for "Part 3 Blazing Adventure"
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Part 3
"Blazing Battlez"

As we make out way to the New ride for 2008 my cousin takes a ride on it while the rest of the family tries to get her wet.
River Battle is really fun, even though I didn't ride it I had a blast squirting water at riders. Kings Island should really look into adding a ride similar to this. A steel looper loomed in the distance, but first we had to pas the "Human Dryer"
Tornado only had one train running but the wait was still only 2 trains, we rode it twice. Very smooth ride but it's short. 10/10
Wow talk about a very different type of ride. Blazin Fury is a Darkride/Coaster/Waterride all in one. Fire in the HOLE!!! 10/10
Daredevil Falls was our next ride of the day.
I really like how the ride opts have specific uniforms that relate to there rides. Blazin Fury = Volunteer Firefighter theme ...etc
Nice drop, Like Congo falls it also has a bridge you can stand on to get wet.
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