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okay, so im sitting here bored as duece and came up with a game. heres how you play, State the year you were born, then find rollercoasters built in that year. if you have one at Kings Island its 10 points. any other old paramount park, 5 points. any other Cedar Fair park (http://www.cedarfair.com/), 2 points, WE WILL COUNT GEAUGA LAKE AS A Cedar Fair PARK!!!. six flags, 1 point. Go to rcdb.com for your research. here i go;


K.I.-Adventure Express-----------10




C.P.-Mean Streak-----------------2


MY SCORE-----------------------28 <_< ........Im a loser

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a. Why is this in Kings Island?

b. What about those of us who were born in a year when there were no new coasters, Cedar Fair was unheard of...and Kings Island wasn't even a figment of anyone's imagination?

you lose

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