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Wednesday 8-6-08 PTR


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Hello all. Here goes.

This was quite the day for me as I'd been waiting for this annoucement for quite a while, even taking the day off of work for the sole purpose of being at the park for the reveal. I stopped on the way and picked up the new Trapt CD, which is awesome, and I arrived at about 11:00. I didn't really have any plans until the announcement at 2 so I headed to the Tower to get some photos. Upon my glorious ascent to the top platform, I see this at the construction site.


"Interesting", I think to myself, "those are clearly supports, but are they all going to be yellow?" Needless to say, I get my answer in about two hours. Killing time, I linger up on the Tower and talk to the employees. Big ups to Ariana for taking the time to talk with me, not just about KI, but other things too. Photos from the tower (sorry, but I'm no pro)







They were actually racing :oDSC_2225.jpg

By now it was about 1, so I decided to head down and get ready for the announcement. Arriving in Rivertown, I see Nemo, PKIboy, and others. Soon, Boddah, Dane, ZosoBeast, Gordon Bombay and CoastersRZ are all there, and it's almost time.

These guys were there too.



The "stage" was very cool with the rocks and dirt and cacti, making it very appropriate. After some words about Knievel and wallenda, and what's on the agenda in the near future, the time had come.



What a logo, with the track acting as a tongue. There was a video screen right next to the "stage" but you couldn't see what was on the screen to save your life. (I couldn't anyway.) I did, however get interviewed by WDTN from Dayton, and WLWT from Cincy. All I can remember saying is that "It's going to be amazing, fantastic, air time, etc..." My head was pretty fried by that point.

Then I moved on to check out the model. Great job by the CoasterDynamix crew as they only had about two weeks to put it together. I did talk to one of the CD guys, and he said that the last turn isn't accurate on the model, but nevertheless, Kudos to them for a great model.


Now it's about 2:45 and I'm just about dying in the sun. I head out to my car and spot this on the way.


Another shot of Vortex


After just abusing two bottles of water in about 3 minutes, I contact my people and advise that I may be on the news. Then I head back into the park to actually ride some stuff. Order is as follows with interesting tidbits.


SoB-It seems that every time I ride solo, I always end up riding with a first timer, and this time was no different. The guy was about to sit solo in the seat behind me, and I say "You know, you could have just sat up here with me." This was a front seat ride and neither of us was disappointed.

Adventure Express

Firehawk-Just as I'm about to board, I see a KI "blue shirt" with a guest. Said guest walks up the exit stairs and boards the car behind me. "Who is that?", I ask the op. "That's Brandon Phillips, he's always up here, he loves this place" he says. It must be nice to have an escort up the exit of each ride you want to ride, but he does have to deal with the "Can I get a picture?" crap so it seems to be an even trade.



Around this time I headed back over to the model to check it out again, and I run into the KIC crew. After talking for a while, they graciously allow me to tag along for the remainder of the night. We head over to the Crypt, which had just opened back up from some delay, so that was a walk on. I'll never forget the time that I was "RickRolled" by the KIC crew along with the rest of the gondola. What a ride.

Last up was The Beast, and after a slight seatbelt delay, Boddah and I were on. Great ride as always. I had a long enough day, and Boddah was leaving so we headed out together. I had a great day and I really enjoyed meeting the crew that I didn't already know.

Thanks for reading.

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Kawana, great photos! I am glad you got photographs of the park PR guys dressed up! I completely forgot to photograph them, I thought that was a nice touch. It was good seeing you and hanging out again, I am glad you enjoyed being "Rick Rolled" on The Crypt, anything beats the "sound effects" they have playing.

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The feeling is mutual Gordon. I always enjoy talking to you. That trip was just awesome. Thanks for letting me "fit in."

I still have a lot to learn about photography, but I'm getting there. Nothing like your shot of TTD. It looks like you're hanging from the support, it's that close.

The PR guys had to be baking in those get-ups, because I was sweating like a hog.

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