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Inverted Coaster Model at Thrill Seekers


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^You had to post a close up of the trains didn't you!!!!

Let the ranting begin....."Those are 4 across cars, not stadium seating". "Are those the actual cars that will be on Diamondback?"

(Or did I forget the LAST rule in Journalism. Print first clarify later.)

p.s. I would never be able to get a picture that close so clear, thanks Gordon.

also did those strings in the picture have you cleaning your lens or what?

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I can't be certain but I remember about 2 years after The Bat was built I was at Kings Island and randomly selected to choose from a couple of options for next years attraction and was taken back into the admin buildings. I'm pretty sure the model pictured above (the one with the yellow track) was there. At the time it would have been the first looping inverted coaster (of course I voted for it :)). I am very curious if this is the same model some 20 years later.


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I'm for sure that is not the model you saw an inverted coaster was not even invented till 1995... http://www.rcdb.com/id175.htm

You may have saw this. A model of the new suspended roller coaster like The Bat....

No, it was small and yellow, much like the one in thrill seekers. I seem to remember it being suspended (not inverted) so it may not be the same one.

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Hm, I wonder how much I'll have to pay to get a Diamondback model. :ph34r:

I haven't heard an exact number, but from what I understand the park payed well into the four digits for the Diamondback model.

Man, I would imagine so. It's so awesome.

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Doesnt that model look like that yellow coaster on that ladder game near AE,and Coca-Cola zone?Can someone find a pic of it?

Not really, i have a picture of it on one of my photo trip reports from earlier this season.

Well,I have'nt seen that in forever so its the first thing that came to mind.

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Why don't you guys ask the Coasterdynamix expert himself......(ME).... about the model in the window.

The Scorpion:

1. They sell for 200.00 plus shipping on the Coasterdynamix website.

2. It only takes me 5 hours to build a Scorpion. I'm not sure why it took 14 hours for the builder to build this one. Maybe it was his first time. BUt even still, my first scorpion was done in about 6 to 7 hours. (I am not factoring in any break time)

3. It is not modeled after any coaster, nor any coaster modeled after it.

I have a few thousand bucks invested in what coasterdynamix products I have. It isn't cheap! But you get what you pay for. Which is a top of the line coaster modeling system that no one else has.

The attention to detail and the fact that it can be totally customized was the selling point for me.

The Dragon kit is the one that is $500.00 and is worth it!

If you want a Diamondback model, this is what you need to know about the one in the front of the park:

"A few facts:

96 bases

60-65' of track

150' total length of support tubes

3 motors (lift, station/brake run, midcourse- which wasn't hooked up) We used the Scorpion gearmotors because they are very reliable.

Trains were custom painted and custom decals were made."

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