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Diamondback Construction Thread (Updated 3-19-09)

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Hey everybody! This is my first post! I was so happy when I saw them putting that first piece of track in place! woo! LOVE IT!

Ok if Diamondback's doesn't look like those, then here you go. DB HammerHead Nitro HammerHead SilverStar HammerHead Behemoth HammerHead Behemoth Layout Depiction of HammerHead

Any discussion that results in me looking at pictures of Nitro is one I am in favor of! And in saying that, I am on sound footing! Terpy, whose sign off line could be called a footer

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Just for all of you since the webcam is cycling slow or not working.

So question: In the animations, only the highlights of the trains change color, but it appears the full train are actually different colors. Is it indeed the full train going to be different colors from train to train (making the animation wrong, yes I know it was based on what they knew)?

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That's really strange that the new train has a (seemingly) different color scheme. As far as I knew, the only color changes on the trains were on the wheel covers and other small accent areas. The snake face on the lead car was always bright orange/gold. Is it possible that's some sort of protective cover/wrapping on the train that hasn't been removed from the trucking/transport stage?

Unless something has changed which I haven't heard about in the overall plans...?

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^^The green train was the first to be loaded. It's sitting patiently in the first bay. There are a couple good pics of it, including a full train shot of it on the transfer track.

Uh...I guess I've been a bit distracted, but when did they get the stairs done leading into the station?

EDIT...Ok, tycoon here keeps beating me to the punch. ;) Oh well.

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