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Diamondback Construction Thread (Updated 3-19-09)

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Hey everybody! This is my first post! I was so happy when I saw them putting that first piece of track in place! woo! LOVE IT!

Ok if Diamondback's doesn't look like those, then here you go. DB HammerHead Nitro HammerHead SilverStar HammerHead Behemoth HammerHead Behemoth Layout Depiction of HammerHead

Any discussion that results in me looking at pictures of Nitro is one I am in favor of! And in saying that, I am on sound footing! Terpy, whose sign off line could be called a footer

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that would be a sweet backyard

and an awesome accent piece

imagine the summer bbq's...

"wow your backyard looks great! who did your landscaping?"

"Adena Corp of course! I have them do it all for my yard. You can't beat the quality!"

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I know I'm excited. But I feel bad for iChase because they got there late because of a snow storm and they aren't allowed in the park because security doesn't know where the tour is..... Well Find Out!!!!

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I loved the teeth on the front of the trains.... My girlfriend kept on saying "get a picture of those". Overall the tour for myself was worth the trip. My girlfriend wasn't as happy, she isn't as big of an enthusiast as we are. So, I'll take a page out of Jackson's book and begin to call her Trooper Girlfriend.

Overall, Diamondback looks great and Don said it has power and could be fired up now. He said the window for testing is however about two weeks. Also, I don't know if you can tell by the pictures posted thus far but water dummies are loaded in one train. The landscaping is begining and from the looks of it they have a lot of work to do and a short amount of time to do it in. Today showed me how much work they truly do to open the park each year.

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