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Diamondback Construction Thread (Updated 3-19-09)

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Hey everybody! This is my first post! I was so happy when I saw them putting that first piece of track in place! woo! LOVE IT!

Ok if Diamondback's doesn't look like those, then here you go. DB HammerHead Nitro HammerHead SilverStar HammerHead Behemoth HammerHead Behemoth Layout Depiction of HammerHead

Any discussion that results in me looking at pictures of Nitro is one I am in favor of! And in saying that, I am on sound footing! Terpy, whose sign off line could be called a footer

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I have. I used to dreeeam of having a house in that area, but it has built up much more than I ever expected. Aside from free 5-minute firework displays on summer nights, and a unique view of things you just don't see everywhere else (an Eiffel Tower, the occasional (now ubiquitous) coaster hill), the area has just grown into a giant subdivision; the feel is just not the same anymore.

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I would believe they are installing electrical wiring and whatnot down there, and judging by the small little "Door" opening on the side facing the brakes I would assume it's there to keep the poor workers warm.

Also I think we should name the hills after all the PR guys, with Mt. Helbig being the last hill visible from Western Row Rd.

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Wow, that pic really does look photoshopped. Hmmm...

It's all true, KI is not getting Diamondback, I along with KICentral have photoshopped every photo update!

Thanks for the fly over comments everyone. From the plane you really get a new perspective of the size of DB.

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Perhaps "Mt. Voss"?


The Majestic, Snow-Capped Mt. Helbig rises above the Diamondback Sierra, high above the treetops!


Lol let's save that picture and compare it to a pic of it after our first good snow!

(can you tell I have the day off?)

Ohh boy, just you wait KICentral! Jackson has The rest of this week off!

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Hey! No Barnstorming the horses! :lol:


Wow, that's to funny! That's going on my blog!

What software do you use to make these?

Thanks! I'm honored!

Well, believe it or not, it's Microsoft PowerPoint. Except for the horses, plane, Eiffel Tower head and other gifs, most of what you see are drawing objects that I set with 3D gradient fills. The trees are all the same tree, which I place carefully and then reset brightness & contrast values, as well as re-sizing. The fog effect is really an oval autoshape set to fill from white to transparent, then ordered behind the first layers to give the illusion of depth. I'm a stickler for detail, so the shadows you see are all the same as the fog, only black-to-transparent. I drew the arrow sign 'by hand' using autoshapes. Mt. Helbig is the same curved line repeated three times, with the center one 'dashed' to give the illusion of track supports. The 'dashboard' is just a long triangle. The high-tension electric towers are really two images of a lattice tower reversed and superimposed over one-another with contrasting grey values. I then added the power lines and braces and faded them to appear more distant. The fence is a repeated lower case 'L,' shaded with brown shadow, and with a white curve drawn through them. The snow cap atop the hill is just a freehand object that I set to gradient from gray-to-white, to make it look sunlit. I then group the images, save-as-picture to jpeg format, post on my blog, and then post here on KIC. It's much faster for me than PhotoShop or Roxio PhotoSuite, both of which I also use occasionally.

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