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KIC Day / Weekend TR


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Thanks again to all involved with KIC day. Sorry but I don't have the time/energy to post pics with this report, but I promise to post pics later!!

Sat 8-16-08

4:15 am - "Daddy ... is it time to goto Kings Island"

4:30 am - Check lights on camper - leave for KI

7:30 am - Breakfast at Waffle House

8:30 am - Chase daughter around parking lot at KI

8:40 am - Registration for KIC day

8:45 am - Standing at wrong line waiting to get through security

8:55 am - Realize mistake get in with last few people to go back on Club Blood Tour

9:00 am - Nice walk back through to the club blood house got back there took some pics, made it about 5 ft in the door and had to take my daughter back outside - my wife said it was a neat experiece, but did not have the camera :(

9:30ish - ERT Invertigo AWESOME or I guess now days SWEET made it on atleast 6 if not 7 times Great time

9:35 am - My daughter adopted a new mom

10:00 am - Leaving the Invertigo area and casually mentioned to my wife I should ride SOB while I was back there. She said ok, and somebody else said you had better run, so I did.

10:05 am - On what I think was the first car of SOB for the day

10:07 am - Beat to @*!* on SOB ... maybe I shouldn't have gotten on the first opening I saw

10:20 am - Needing a break (and required) got on Carosel

10:25 am - Heading for Nick land with wife and daughter

10:35 am - In line for Scrappy Doo (Fairly Odd Coaster)

10:55 am - get off coaster beat tracks for SOB backstage

11:35 am - Meet back up with family - quick spin on Pahntom Flyers

11:45 am - One more go at fairly odd Coaster

12:15 pm - Break back at Parking Lot - I don't know about you guys but I was ready for a cold adult beverage and some AC

12:50 pm - Pictures in front of EI

1:00 pm - Dodgem - fun classic ride - wish the family could have gone (daughter too small)

1:15 pm - Watched scrambler ride

1:40 pm - Got in line for Monster - had to leave line to make beast/diamond back tour

2:00 pm - Awesome Tour got to bring family - my daughter says thanks for the dice and bear!

3:00 pm - Had to leave the park to set up camper for the weekend (I'm, not real big into shows anyway, but my family loved the meet and greet with Fab 80's)

5:30 pm - Dinner - daughter was adopted as a new little sister - won a cool Diamond Back "Bump Hat" and a "Slipper When Wet Sign" - way cool raffle prizes

6:30 - 8 - Family time 1 - cruise on fairly odd coaster 1 - trip on wild thornberrys - 1 trip on EI

8:15ish - Met back up with her adopted sister watched the end of Girls Night Out

Too tired don't remember time frames soo ...

One more trip on fairly odd coaster

Headed to scrambler ... wife, kid, and adopted sister watched fireworks from line of scrambler. Myself and Tim manned the entrance for late comers.

10:17 pm ERT on Racer - Abosolutely SWEET I almost didn't make the full time, but it just so happened that when I was going to get off, they announced the last ride.

11:00 pm Get Off Racer - I believe the last train

11:30 pm Back to Cedarbrooke campground for a shower a beer (or 2) and bed!

Mental Note: I am getting tooo old for 45 min on RACER

Thanks Again Everyone for a great day!!!

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