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Press Release: 2008 Halloween Haunt Info!


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But 2006's "Heckle and Howl" was a great addition and fun. The three I best remember, both from Howl, were:

"There's this great new ride just over there [pointing towards park entrance]. It's called I-75. You just walk into the middle of this large thing of pavement and stand there. There'll be a truck coming at you, but don't worry, it's all part of the fun"

"[Pointing at a girl wearing bunny-ears and myself, wearing a Santa hat] Are you both retarded? It's Halloween! You must be Holiday rejects..."

"My mother's dead. She was hit by a car. I was the one driving it."

Now the 2007 version... terrible terrible terrible. People want to laugh at funny and clever insults, not hear something like "You probably make your mom regret not getting an abortion." That lacks any humor. I don't know what the park was thinking when they turned the insults into true insults instead of things people could laugh at.

2006's Howl was a total baller.

I miss 06 heckel and howl. Although howl was a lot better then heckel. 07 was OK. The location was TERRIBLE though. Plus they had to many diffrent people playing heckel and howl. I seen the original howl once last year. Hopfully this year is good. But if it's kid oriented it most likely won't be as great. :(

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OK, I'll admit it.

I usually have no interest in Halloween Events, and I usually don't keep up with these things.

But, biases aside, I will give my honest opinion.

It looks like Kings Island is doing a great job so far, it's obvious that they are doing their best to scare the living daylights out of people like me.

And they are succeeding! :o

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What does everybody think about that small rope-fence around the electrocution guy at the entrance? Do you think it'll be there during the night?

I hope it isn't. While I understand its reason, the lack of one just made that guy so much scarier and cooler.

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Well, I got back Sunday night from my week in Florida, including a 6 day stay on Disney property. But last night, I felt a change come over me. It's even had a strange effect on my avatar. I first started feeling this change around 6:00 last night, as I made my way to the Kings Island Theater for my first Haunt rehearsal. This change became more pronounced as the evening went on, and I found myself becoming this horrible creature. I'm sure that the effects will only grow as the week progresses, unleashing at full intensity around 7:00 on Friday evening. I fear that this change in my behavior will continue to occur every weekend, and hopefully the effects can be easily reversed come November 2nd.

Just beware when trying to enter Club Blood, you may have a hard time trying to get through the door to the club. There's a steep cover charge...you may not be allowed to enter without making a small donation...a blood donation! And feel free to come in and order a Bloody Mary. All of our Mary's are caught fresh daily.

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Mason, OH

After reports of a "fish monster" being spotted coming out of the Little Miami river, local amusement park Kings Island claimed they would scour the park for any signs of this creature. Early reports are that no park officials have seen any evidence, but they are now reporting that one park worker who was on the search crew has gone missing. The crew has turned its efforts away from the "fish monster" and are now searching for the missing park employee.

The park will open to the public this Friday at 7, and is asking that guests help park workers be on the lookout for this missing employee.

On an unrelated note, the park has stated that vandals have somehow gotten into the park. One park official stated that a strange note was posted on a fence near the lake by "Outer Hank's" restaurant. The note read simply, "Gone Humaning".

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^I'd rather see Bloody Mary than buy one :D

While I was in Orlando, I saw tv commercials and many billboards for Bloody Mary. From these items, it looks to be a very good haunt. I also saw a commercial for Bush Gardens' Howl-O-Scream featuring the Raven Twins. I thought it was for a movie at first. I would have liked to have gone to both of these, but I was down there at the wrong time.

Mason, OH

After reports of a "fish monster" being spotted coming out of the Little Miami river, local amusement park Kings Island claimed they would scour the park for any signs of this creature.


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From Screamscape:

icon_STOP.gifTop Halloween Haunts 2008 - HauntWorld has released their list of the Top 13 Haunted Attractions around the country as well as the Top 10 Amusement Park Halloween Events, Top Haunted Amusement Attractions, Best Charity Haunts, Haunted Hayrides and more. I'll briefly recap the theme park list for your enjoyment:

1) Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Orlando

2) Knott's Scary Farm - Knott's Berry Farm

3) Phantom Fright Nights - Kennywood

4) Halloween Horror Nights - Universal Studios Hollywood

5) Howl-O-Scream - Busch Gardens Africa

6) Howl-O-Scream - Busch Gardens Europe

7) Halloween Haunt - Kings Island

8) HalloWeekends - Cedar Point

9) Fright Fest - Six Flags Great Adventure

10) Old Tucson Studios Nightfall (Arizona)

.....how's THEM apples?

Oh, and I can already guarantee Uni Orlando will be number one again this year with their Bloody Mary HHN event, and I hope KI will check their event out so they can "borrow" a few ideas from them:





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^The Skoolhouse, one of their scare-zones. I love how, with Universal Studios Florida, you can't reach any attraction (ride, show, or maze) without passing through a scare-zone. Right from the entrance you have to pass through either The Path of the Wicked or Asylum in Wonderland. And saying you choose Asylum in Wonderland, you'll still have to pass through The Skoolhouse. I haven't yet gone to Halloween Horror Nights, but I did visit Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Africa last year.

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Once again, as with the past two years, Halloween Haunt 2008 sounds as if it could be the best year yet, but it'll be interesting to see how things really are when the event actually begins and the park is filled to capacity on Saturdays and it becomes hard to even find the scareacters (at least that was what my experience was like last year on a Saturday, I actually enjoyed Fear Fest 2006 more than Halloween Haunt 2007, which wasn't all that different to tell the truth.)

But I'll try and remain optimistic since Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and I love going out to Kings Island for Fear Fest/Halloween Haunt. I can't wait for this weekend!

Edit: I just hope that they have the staffing levels they need to have a successful event, that seems to be where they ahve been lacking in years past. And before anyone asks me to supply a source on the official count of people they hire for HH, I don't have one but from a guest's standpoint some of the houses have seemed a bit... dead, and no matter what the staff numbers are, if a haunt seems understaffed to a guest, then it is understaffed. Just my two cents.

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I saw no sign of the missing park employee that Uncle Henry reported on, but last night I spotted the mysterious fish monster that is said to be roaming the park. It was lurking in the Rivertown area when I saw it. It was terrorizing unsuspecting victims as they walked or sat in the dark. Could this creature be the one that left the strange "Gone Humaning" note near Outer Hanks, getting even for the countless number of fish that are served up for human consumption daily? Beware, this monster is not going to be captured easily, and is very aggressive and hostile towards humans. Proceed with caution!

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