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A Look Back at 2008 (Video)


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I'll never forget the Robbie Knievel jump..because that was the last day I ever saw my good friend Ken "Mr K" Glidewell alive. He died two days later from a motorcycle wreck on Memorial Day. He was the producer of the last Dallas Moore album..and they played live prior to the jump.


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Ryan great job on the video I enjoyed it and the music was just right. Coming home on Friday night after work and seeing this was a great way to perk me right up.

100% of the credit for this work goes to the great Bill Ware. I just passed the message along.

Just as a heads up, it should read "Worlds Longest Kickline Attempt"

I agree, but when I made it I thought nit picking details like that would quickly make the video really wordy. Same reason I didn't put "World Record Attempt" for Robbie Knievel. I wasn't under oath when I put the captions in. :rolleyes:

Just to recap, all I did was add the captions. This great video was the work of Bill.

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BavarianBeatle, you are my new best friend! You are correct, that is the best album from the mighty Zep. With Led Zep 4 coming in right behind that!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone.

It's always nice to have a friend! I just wanted to point out to those who didn't know that the music, besides being a very nice song, was from the 70s, the "good old days" of KI. Very nice choice and a very nice video!!!

However, I prefer the first album to the fourth as my second choice.... :)

-- Beatle, always a friend and fellow music fan.

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