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Do You Watch The Shows?


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I find it amazing that so many users have stuck around for so long. Most of the posts from 2002 are from people who still post today! Can you believe they've been coming to this site for 18 years now? I'm on my 13th year.

To answer the question: I don't think I have ever watched any of the shows. When I'm there I'm focused solely on getting on as many coasters as I can. Guess I need to drop in and watch a few this coming season.

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What a good read! Over the years, I've morphed from just a rides guy to a rides, shows, Haunt mazes (and occasionally) games guy. My favorite shows are/were as follows:

The Boyz are Back (2014)

Having grown up enjoying groups like Nsync, Backstreet Boys and Hanson, I loved this show and saw it countless times! I loved the second act as it was all Nsync and Backstreet Boys songs. After the last show, I had the guys sign a shirt I made celebrating the show.

Cirque (includes Imagine, Origins and Gravity) (2014-2019, for now)

Coming out around the same time were the Cirque shows, produced by Les Productions Haut-Vol. While all were cool in their own way, my personal favorite show/season was the second season of Origins (2017). That year, I saw the show at least 40+ times and even cried on the last day. I thought that year had the best cast as the elves were great (though I did miss Yannick when he left midway through the first season of Origins), Nico was an amazing slack rope guy and I loved the contrasting characters of Nael and Abresh (Nael being shy and graceful and Abresh being wild and dangerous). BTW, I still do not know the song for Abresh's original routine- if that could be found, that would be fantastic! Also, we can't leave out Paco and Jocko... "I'm not sorry!"

Back to the 90's (2017)

If you know me, you know I love my 90s and early 2000's! This show was a tribute to all the great music and culture from that time period! They even included "Larger than Life" from "The Boyz are Back". Though the cast kept changing, the show was always awesome!

Blood Drums/Drums of the Dead

When you think Haunt, you usually think Blood Drums! I've being seeing this show since I started going to Haunt regularly (2013) and I've thoroughly enjoyed the many interations of it. I really enjoyed the 2018 show as I felt it was a "best of" from all their years at KI, along with the some new stuff. In hindsight, that last season was a great send-off as we now have Drums of the Dead. Though I haven't seen it in person (I was looking for a friend of mine out in a cornfield ;)), I did see it on YouTube over the Winterfest season and really enjoyed it.


Speaking of Winterfest (the 2016 revival, that is...), it brought us a ton of shows. Of the three years of Winterfest, here are/were my favorites: Tinker's Toy Factory (the first one; the second one is good, but the 2016/17 version is a classic), The Plight Before Christmas, 4 Drummers Drumming (all 3 seasons) and What the Dickens. I've also enjoyed the first two seasons of Jingle Jazz as well as the Mistletones since they moved over to Coney.

Misc. Shows

There were some Festhaus shows that I saw while working in Food that I'd like to mention. Way Too Much TV was great and whoever sang the lead on the "Fame" theme song did an EPIC job! I remember being amazed by her voice every time. Also, the country shows every few years weren't too bad. Girls Night Out was... interesting.

And speaking of country shows, though I was not a fan of 2018's tribute to new (pop)-country music, I really liked 2019's Flashback Country show. And finally, I think last year was the best year for the 80's show as there was some great singing talent!

EDIT: Also, I guess I should include Carnivale, which included the nightly parade and the mini-shows. Though a lot of people loved the China show (at one point, the show moved from its normal location near Showplace to the bandstand as it was that popular), I really enjoyed the India pavilion with the drumming (which included breakdancing for a short time) and the Bollywood dance lessons.

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I can still walk and I don’t have to carry around an oxygen tank (yet) so I have not seen any shows except midway ones I happen to stroll past.  When the day comes that I need a scooter to get around and riding a coaster requires me to remove my self-lubricating catheter then and only then will I shuffle over to the theater watch a show.  

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I see all of them except the kids shows. Best ever was long, long ago (70s), it was a country show in the International Street Showplace, and featured both live singers and a live band. They did a rendition of Barbara Mandrell's "I was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" that I have never forgotten. Talent was fantastic, show was authentic, and it was very entertaining.

I prefer the shows with live bands - always! Failing that, an a Capella show would be outstanding for this old guy (and no, I don't carry an O2 tank lol...).

The Cirque shows have been fantastic, though I was not enamored with Gravity. I thought the first year was just amazing. 

For Haunt, Blood Drums was always worth a stop, and I preferred the edgy Hot Blooded to the Haunted Homecoming, but welcomed the refresh as the soundtrack was getting very tired, but nothing has topped the Pint Sized Brawlers (once I figured out it was ok to laugh at what seemed like a total non-PC thing!). That show packed the Festhaus to capacity - I'd never witnessed that before and have not since!

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10 hours ago, silver2005 said:

Off The Charts! is a staple if I go.  Just see my member title and signature to know why.

I forgot to mention that! I love this show as well; it reminds me of listening to concerts at the Towne Square when I was a kid. Also, there are usually some good songs in the lineup. 

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18 hours ago, SnakePlissken said:

Bored much? Bumping 18 year old threads. Somebody lock this.


18 hours ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

Reviving an old thread can sometimes be the most entertaining. Seeing what people said years ago compared to now is very interesting.

Isn’t it often said, search the boards before you post as there is probably one already out there?

Is 18 years extreme? Perhaps. I did have to check the date the few times reading through because I though it was some kind of troll job at first. 

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Before 2018, I didn't see a single show except maybe snippets of ones I walked past when going through Festhaus or something (save Blood Drums during Haunt 2016- I saw that and actually stayed for the whole show because I liked it so much), but in 2018 due to bad weather I ended up watching a dog show in the International Showplace (was fun but not epic), as well as Gravity in the Kings Island Theater- which I fell in love with (saw it 2 more times in 2019). While I generally am just going around from ride to ride at Kings Island, now I may stop once or twice and see a show if it sounds appealing.

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