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New Restaurant at KI and more!


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Mr. Kinzel does not believe this. He has often said that park guests "have to eat." He apparently believes they must do so in the park. The park's pricing, I am sure, does take into account possible leakage to the outside world. I still don't see why they don't offer season passholders discounts on food and merchandise. They are the ones most likely to leave the park to eat...

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Indeed, but there is a price at which maximum revenue is achieved...Charge less and you leave money not spent that would have been, charge more and you lose profits and sales. And I still submit that optimal price level for the park is different for one or two time visitors than it is for season passholders...and the magic way of charging different prices is to start a season passholder discount program. Then, you could even introduce a frequent buyer discount program, not unlike Kroger or Disney. Go often, pay less, and the park still makes more...much more in many cases.

Finally, people are willing to pay more for higher quality. I submit many who are leaving the park to eat are doing so to avoid what is all too often lately lower quality food than can be readily gotten elsewhere. The bitterness of poor quality is even more remembered when it is accompanied by the bitterness of low quality, and oftentimes in foods, slow to poor service as well.

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