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Loyalty Rebate- Season Pass Newsletter


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Got this e-mail from Kings Island. Thought everyone who has renewed their Season Pass or is thinking about it would enjoy.

Hello! Due to the popular demand of the “renewal” Season Pass price at Kings Island last fall, we have decided to extend this discount offer to our most loyal guest through May 24th, 2009.

This LOYALTY DISCOUNT is aimed at making sure all of our most valued guests (like you) receive the best in thrills and entertainment at the absolute best price possible.

Now through May 24th, renewing passholders that purchase a 2009 pass will SAVE $10 OFF each Adult pass and $5 off each Jr/Sr pass. Buy a FOUR PACK today and save your family $40 off the regular price!

Because you had a Season Pass in 2008 and you purchased a Season Pass for 2009 between 11/3/08 and 3/11/09, you will receive a loyalty rebate from Kings Island.

We are standing by to answer any questions you may have and to get your rebate to you. Please contact our Season Pass department to speak to a Kings Island Season Pass Representative. You may also CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form and someone will contact you.

Contact us at:


Monday – Friday

9AM – 5 PM


Kings Island Season Pass Department

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I have only seen the email applying the renewal discount to 4 or more passes. It looks like the OP renewed his before 3/11 and is getting a rebate (a.k.a. refund) so that the price matches the discounted rate. I'm not certain this shows that the discount will be applied to all single renewal passes between now and 5/24.

I will probably take my discount coupon from the entertainment book to processing, and if they offer the discount for renewal then I'll use that discount instead.

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Why not take it and be sure? What do you have to lose? Besides, I have many times had the call center tell me thus and such, only to find it not to be the case once I got to the park.

That's most likely what I'll do. I was hoping to be able to renew online with the discount, but since it looks like I'm going to have to renew in person, I will bring the coupon to ensure that I get the $10 discount no matter what.

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Well, there's still no renewal price for the platinum pass (which is what I'd be renewing), so I think I will call prior to processing and find out whether I should bring my $10 off coupon or not.

Oh, I didn't even look at the platinum passes. Sorry about that.

I agree, bring your coupon just in case.

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