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SeaWorld's Manta

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  • 2 weeks later...
^^Do I spy...people?!? Nahhh...such a thing could never exist so early! :rolleyes:

I haven't had a chance to take any pictures, but the construction walls have came down around the first half of the ride. The pathway that runs from the former Gulliver's Gift Shop to Smokey Creek has re-opened! While the ride may or may not be everyone's cup of tea or their favorite, there is no denying that SeaWorld has done a FANTASTIC job landscaping. I'm so impressed with the area that they have completed, the ride fits so naturally into the landscape and looks like its always been a permanent fixture of the park. Can't wait to see what the other side turns out like, it already looks great with what they have done. Anyway, RCPro has posted an update with some great new pictures that really show off the landscaping...


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Found a site that has some queue line art for Manta.

Click here!

Johnny Upside down has posted a new update. Ride is tentatively scheduled to soft open next Friday, but that could easily change. People are going to be surprised, thats all I'll say about it. Its absolutely fantastic, exceeded my expectations by a long shot actually.....and that doesn't happen very often for me! Park is doing a phenominal job with the landscaping, with the finishing touches being put in place and the new pathways about to be poured. The second half of the ride is turning out to be an incredibly VISUAL experience....the waterfall rocks are AWFULLY close in the back left seat and the same seat comes daringly close to what will soon be water during the very last turn. The splashdown pond is currently being painted a very deep ocean blue and more and more trees continue to be brought in.....we're talking BIG BIG trees. Its quite astonishing to go back and look at the construction site from say, December....when the trackwork had just been completed. I would have never dreamed it would be looking like it does now.....

Here's the update http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/manta0.html

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