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A Diamondback Has Been Unleashed, Season Passes, Diamondback First Riders Auction & More!

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They're fast, they're full of venom... and they're economical! In a totally original marketing campaign, another Diamondback will be crawling the streets of the Greater Cincinnati area cutesy of Kings Island. Stretching over 200', six Cincinnati Metro buses have been specially redesigned to showcase Diamondback - Kings Island's new B&M hypercoaster set to open in just under two weeks on April 18th. You may see different sections of the snake in Cincinnati from time to time over the next several months, however this was the ONLY time that this six bus caravan will be lined up showing the intimidating image of the Diamondback from head to tale! Click here to see photos of the Diamondback Metro bus caravan or

to see video of this predator in action!

The road to opening day is heating up with less than two weeks until those gates are finally open for the 2009 season on April 18th. How does an entire summer of high thrills, wet spills and live shows sound to you? A Kings Island season pass gets you access to the park every day the park is open in 2009. Is that not enough? By purchase a Kings Island Gold Pass you also get an entire season of VIP benefits such as early access to Diamondback, Kings Island’s 230’ steel monster set to open with the park in April, almost every day the park is open! Other benefits include early access to Boomerang Bay, discounts on pay-per-attractions, games and merchandise discounts and much much more! For a full list of Kings Island's Gold Pass VIP benefits click here.

Are you an amusement park drifter? The Cedar Fair Platinum Pass is perfect for you! A Platinum Pass will get you admission and parking at ALL Cedar Fair properties including but not limited to Kings Island, Geauga Lake’s Wildwater Kingdom, Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farm and many more! Is that still not enough? A Cedar Fair Platinum Pass will get you all of the unique Gold Pass VIP benefits at each park!

Click here to purchase your Kings Island Gold or Cedar Fair Platinum Pass!

Do you want to be one of the first members of the public to ride Diamondback? Enthusiasts and park lovers have a unique opportunity to both have the honor of being one of the first to ride Diamondback and help make someone in need’s life better in the process. Members of the public have the opportunity to bid on the first five trains to be dispatched on Opening Day on the morning of April 18th. All proceeds from the auction will benefit A Kid Again, a charitable organization that serves families in need. A Kid Again is a non-profit 501 © (3) organization. All donations and bids are tax deductible. Click here for more information about the Diamondback First Riders' Auction!

Do you want the latest information sent directly to your cell phone? Sign up for KICentral's official mobile club and receive text alerts with the latest news and information about Kings Island! Signing up is fast and free! Click here for more information about KICentral's official mobile club!

Are you an avid Kings Island fan or do you casually visit once a year? It doesn't matter! KICentral.com is the site for you. Why not register on the forums of KICentral and tell us about your thoughts and experiences involving Kings Island! Registration is fast, FREE, and easy. Don't forget to keep checking KICentral.com for the latest news, rumors and information about Kings Island amusement park!



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When I first read the post I thought it was like an actual live snake roaming in Cincy. Then i read the article and actually got the picture of what it is. This looks really cool wish I could ride on it though.

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I liked your text animations. What did you use for that?

Asking TB that is like asking Tiger Woods how to hit a drive or LeBron how to make a 360 dunk...it's just pure gift that can't be explained!! ;)

Well, asking Tiger Woods how to hit a drive is easy. Doing it how he does it is the hard part. Asking LeBron James how to make a 360 dunk is easy... doing it is hard.

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Now will the busses be doing alternate routes or just stay on one route?


In reality, like on all metro bus systems, the buses may indeed be used on other routes than normally assigned to as may be necessary.

In your heart, you knew he would.

But yes, I think they probably will switch around the bus routes so the new buses allow more people to see them. Like they will have some of the more popular routes.

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