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Vortex Gets a New Paint Job


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No direct statement.  But an implication nonetheless. 


And as usual, such a kind, upbeat, engaging response from Kings Island's Twitter.  :rolleyes:


I swear, many of the tweets from that account to fans asking questions reads as if they're dripping with disdain.


Compare that to Disneyland. It's not hard to be accessible, excited, and friendly on Twitter if you just put the right spin on it. 


bkroz, who mentioned via Twitter that they ought to add trees to the park map since showing The Beast sitting out in a field didn't give the right impression. The official park Twitter responded by saying "It's a map of the rides, not of individual trees." Well then. Suit yourself. (By the way, the next year, trees were added. Or, three-pronged bushes at least.)

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11 minutes ago, NewD4y20 said:

If Vortex doesn't get painted soon I think it's a sign of things to come, or should I say go?

@VortexBFForever might disagree

King Cobra got repainted before it was nixed, so did Shockwave at KD, as well as countless others. Not painting a coaster doesn't mean its leaving; if you went by that logic, Diamondback, Racer, and Adventure Express would also be on the chopping block.

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Diamondback is totally different, you have to know that. I don't doubt it will be painted soon enough.

An old coaster like Vortex, letting the paint go and allowing the rust get to the steel and fatigue it will only shorten its life span. Vortex has more stress on its supports than Diamondback also with it being a more jerky ride

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14 hours ago, Arrow said:

nah man imo I like the black (dark blue?) and orange rails paint. Not that it's really that orange anymore lol

I think its because I love how its rendered on the park map and would love to see it look like that in real life. Rougarou and Farenheit have my favorite coaster color scheme with orange track and blue supports.


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