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Old Things at KI


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Today i was reading through the "Little Known Facts" and when i heard about The Beast graveyard. i thought this was interesting so i googled it. there wernt many results but one told me to use a site with a aerial image. i went to switchboard and looked for it through "birds eye". i didnt see anything. while i was looking i looked at the field where the track for the KK used to be. i knew the track had been removed but didnt know what was there now. when i looked there was a green coaster train lined up in the SouthWestern corner of this clearing. it looked like a KK train but those were moved to Kings Dominion and i cant think of what else they could be. also a pic of this area is in the July aerials of DB construction. Can someone tell me anything about this train or the "beast graveyard". i did some research on both of these things but i was very tired and prolly overlooked some stuff sorry

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