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your top 5


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I have a feeling most everyones top 5 coasters list changed after this weekend. Mine are now:

1. Millenium Force...the most amazing coaster I have ever been on, no gimmicks, just height speed and intensity

2. Diamondback......all it took was one ride to push it all the way to number 2. Big airtime, open seating, great splashdown effect makes this snake the new king of the Island.

3. The Beast....the one true legend. the double helix will always be the best 10 second in all of roller coasters.

4. Top Thrill Dragster....not so much a roller coaster as a 12 second adreniline rush. waiting in the seat, staring up at that tower while the speakers are reving up the engines around you adds to the intensity...plus the thought of a rollback in the back of your mind.

5. Magnum..now that the loop is gone from SoB, Magnum is back in the top 5. The first of the big boys, Magnum is a great out and back that still delivers ood airtime and a great view. bunny hills are becoming a bit painful nowadays.

There are my top 5, how do others compare.

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Pretty close to mine, actually. My Top 5 are:

1. Millennium Force - I love the height, speed, and smooth turns/hills on it.

2. Diamondback - The whole layout and ride itself is just amazing! I love the hangtime when you are not even in your seat anymore for quite awhile. :)

3. The Beast - It is a classic, and not many coasters can compare to how much fun this ride actually is. My favorite part is the double helix at the end.

4. Maverick - I love speeding on the coaster close to the ground, and the inversions are so incredibly smooth! The first hill always gets my stomach, as well! :D

5. Son of Beast - I love the speed of this coaster and the helixes. It is pretty aggressive, but riding front row is unbelievably amazing!

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1. Diamondback- Great airtime, force full, fast, tall, Love the splashdown.

2. Goliath SFOG- Great airtime, Love that helix, the horseshoe element is great!

3. Son of Beast- Call my crazy but, smooth ride (minus rosebowl), airtime, Speed.

4. Top Thrill Dragster- Love that launch! Love the height. Pure Adrenaline!

5. Mindbender SFOG- Airtime, smooth, AMAZING forces in the loops, and the 'third loop' is great! It's also in a great setting!

And yes I have been to more parks than KI, CP, and SFOG.

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1. Diamondback

2. Diamondback

3. Diamondback

4. Diamondback

5. Diamondback


1. Diamondback

2. Beast

3. Millennium Force

4. Flight of Fear

5. Top Thrill Dragster

I'm sure those will be changing by the end of next month, because I'll be riding Voyage, El Toro, Nitro, and many other amazing coasters.

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I sat here forever thinking of the ones I like best... So I think these maybe it <_<

1- The Beast (expecially in the dark)

2- Diamondback

3- Delirium

4- Flight of Fear

5- (man can't decide) Firehawk or Son of Beast??

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Sorry to disappoint you all, but DB has yet to enter my top 5. I would put it at number 7 right now, but after only one early season ride, it has the potential to rise! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved the ride, but I just happen to like these better!!! Please don't hate me for this. LOL!!

1. The Beast (My sentimental childhood favorite!!!!)

2. The Voyage

3. Magnum

4. The Raven

5. (tie) MF/ The Racer in its original form....

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I have heard nothing but good things about Diamondback, but I have yet to hear anyone really praise it as one of the best coasters they have ridden.

Diamondback is truely the best coaster I have ever ridden. The first drop is amazing!! And the fact that you come out of the final helix into a pool of water makes it even better!

So all in all, Diamondback=Best coaster in the entire world!

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I have not ridden Diamondback yet, but gonna do the list anyways since my #1 is not on anyones list..lol...Top 5 Steel coasters anyways...

1. Revenge of the Mummy

2. Montu

3. Flight of Fear

4. Sheikra

5. Chang

How's that for an odd list..haha

Have not made it to Cedar Point yet so I know my list will change when I go up there.

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You know, Millennium Force has been my #1 since I first rode it, but I think Diamondback might have knocked it out of my top 5 completely. I mean, I liked Millennium Force for its first hill, speed, smoothness and couple air time spots.

Well, Diamondback has all that and more so, Millennium Force really doesn't stand out to me as much at this point. DB has a nice big hill that's just as thrilling as MF, it has great speed (maybe not MF speed but it's not that much slower), it's just as smooth and it has tons more airtime.

So...I'm sorry MF...DB is taking your spot.

1.) Diamondback

2.) Voyage

3.) Raven

4.) Raptor

5.) Magnum

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1. Diamondback - The best airtime I've ever experienced. Amazing ending.

2. Millennium Force - Beautiful first drop. Constant speed. Amazing over-banks.

3. Dominator (Batman: Knight Flight) - Insane drop. Beautiful layout. Largest loop ever.

4. Mantis - Amazing feeling. Oblique loop is orgasmic!

5. Raptor - LOVE the g-roll.

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1. Diamondback - the most insane airtime on any coaster I've been on to date. Smooth, fun, and extremely enjoyable. The splashdown leaves me speechless.. I could watch it all day. B&M perfection.

2. Millennium Force - AMAZING first drop. Incredible nonstop speed, it just smokes at 93 mph, smooth as glass, no trims, and you can see Canada from the top. B) Intamin perfection.

3. Maverick - TWO launches, not just one. Lots of fun elements. One of the few coasters I actually laugh on because I'm having so much fun.

4. Beast - Do I really need an explanation? ;)

5. Magnum - It's just too much fun not to ride. I love the signature sound of the lift chain, the view, the drop in the last tunnel, and the fact that you can get trimless rides in the early morning. :D

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