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River Downs may not open next year

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From Cincinnati.com: http://communitypress.cincinnati.com/artic.../NEWS/905010310

River Downs is located immediately to the east of Coney Island and Riverbend Music Center.

River Downs` history actually begins with Coney Island back in 1925. Rud Hynicka and George Schott of Coney Island, along with other investors and the Exhibitors and Breeders Association (Incorporated) built the Coney Island Race Course. The facility opened on July 6th, 1925. Problems arose with gambling accusations and the facility was shuttered on August 7th, 1926. Ownership was reorganized and George Schott was no longer involved with the facility. Instead, Realty Holding, Inc. became the new owners, and they reopened the track in 1933.

It would be a shame to see the facility close due to lack of visitors. It will be interesting to see what the future unfolds for this facility. The track itself is located in Anderson Township, and just north of the Ohio River, so like Coney, flooding is an issue.

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Its a great place, I've been to it the past 3 years for the national wiener dog races. My neighbor has 3 but only races 1 and its great to see all the different dogs and watch a couple races before the nationals.

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