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The Case of the missing Diamondback Model


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Woke up at about 5:45 Saturday and left my Dad's house around 7am. We got some McDonalds 1 Exit South of KI. By the time I bit into my sandwich we were getting off the highway and onto Kings Island Drive, so I just threw it away since we got to KI at about 8:55 and I had 5 Minutes to get to Diamondback from the parking lot! I made it to the entrance at 9:01. ERT Was amazing, I got 7 Rides on Diamondback, and I could of gotten 9 but I waited for Back and Front. So at about 9:50 I was on Diamondback's lift hill, I turned around and noticed the parking lot was empty. So Instead of going to X-Base before the parking lot opened, we just kept riding Dback til 10:05.

Than we went to X-Base and wait 10 Minutes for Firehawk, and 20 Minutes for FoF (longest we waited all day.) Firehawk was as good as it was last year and they fixed the green paint, it's now Back to Red. FoF now has music playing in the spaghetti Bowl and brake run, and the ride seemed alot more intense minus the strong MCBR. After FoF, we went to Adventure Express and got 2 Rides in a row on it, had alot of fun!

We than decided to ride Viking Fury and, wow.. it changed. Last year it was great, I loved it but now it's ride cycle is slower, you don't swing to far, and it's just boring... We were going to meet up with some other people but they were on Delirium so we were going to Top Gun. Extreme Sky Flier was $5, so why not go ride it? Me, Paul, and Mitch bought our tickets and waited along time til' we got to ride it. Paul was going to pull the cord but the tallest person isn't allowed, so I got to. It was pretty fun. My Dad's Fiance's ex-husband's girlfriend called me and asked if we wanted to go to Picnic Grove for some event. We said yes and the food was actually really good! We got awesome lanyards, got some cool views of Diamondback, got to see the Diamondback model upclose, got souvenir cups, and great food!

Me and Mitchell met back up with Brian and Paul at Blue Ice Cream Patio and waited for Ty. Than We walked to Vortex and waited 15 Minutes for 7-1. Got some great Arrow-Time (lol) and a smooth ride! I wanted to get some good pics of Racer so we went to Sponge Bob. Since the line wasn't too bad we decided to get in line. It was actually pretty fun and it was nice riding it, since I haven't gotten to since 2003. Ty than showed me where you could get some cool photos of Flight Commanders queue and we took some photos. Paul and Ty went to the arcade and Brian, Mitchell, and Me rode Blue Racer. It was a little rough, but the airtime made of for it. We met back up and went to Eiffel Tower for some Aerial Photos. We left Ty up there and He didn't know we left and so we waited at the base for him and refilled our cups with some Fanta. Than we all walked around International St. and than too Diamondback. I used the single riders lane while they waited in the main queues. I rode 2 times, once in the very back, and once in row two. Row two is great, you just hang on the main drop, than get amazing ejector on the second hill, same for the third. The hammerhead is awesome in the front, you can turn around and say hi to everyone!

I was in line but than Diamondback closed, so I went to the Exit of Crypt and took some photos. After about 30 Minutes We got bored and We went to Beast. Waited 15 Minutes for Row 2. Had a smooth ride, but Mitchell hit his hand on the tunnel in the double Helix. After Beast I think I went to Drop Tower and waited 20 Minutes. Than to Top Gun and waited 1 Train for the front seat. TG Seems alot faster at night, you should try it! Than I got a text from Adam saying Diamondback opened back up so we walked there and waited 15 Minutes for Back Seat and got back in line again and waited about the same time for row 2. I had a great time, and can not wait to get back this weekend for Ride Warriors!

I rode...

Diamondback- 9

Beast- 1

Vortex- 1

Racer- 1

FoF- 1

Firehawk- 1

AE- 2

DZ- 1

TG- 1

Viking Fury- 1

Eiffel Tower- 1

Extreme Skyflier- 1

Spongebob- 1

Well Photobucket is being dumb so I had to go to my super old Image Shack account and upload there but it's being slow so photos will hopefully be up soon...

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Very nice, but some paragraphing would also have been nice! :)

Fixed it, and I found out that the reason the photos weren't working is because I have way too many photos in my photobucket so I had to re-register and re-upload them all. I doubt I'll be able to post them tonight cause I took alot, so I should have them posted tomorrow after 3:30pm. hopefully. And also, In case you were wandering whats with the name of this topic, it's because the Coaster Dynamix Model of Diamondback that has been on display in Rivertown, the park entrance, and GWL and hasn't been seen since than is now in Picnic Grove out on display and you can get very good up close views of it!

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Photos are finally working!


Race not racing, but Blue Side was about to start testing.




If you look close, you can see Racer is going up one of it's airtime hill and Vortex is Entering it's batwing!


My best try at being artsy, I took a photo of the reflection of the park through a TV, showing Racer going on a hill, Vortex on it's MCBR, and Diamondback going up it's lift!


Another attempt of being artsy.


On the left is Ty, and the right is Paul and some random girl checking out Paul...


Anti-Roll-Back System.


The only part of Race that is actually Noticeably banked.


Coney Mall Construction Update.


My shirt, and I think I'm in Vortex's station...


My cool lanyard.


Arrow Track.


I have no idea what this is...


Bat footing.


Vortex is infact a Terrain Coaster...


Things under it's station.


Detail shot.


Race with SOB behind it.


Diamondback going up it's lift, and Vortex entering it's batwing.


Dipn' Dots?


With The Giant Onion being gone, you get good views of Racer!


I was taking photos of random people, and I actually think I know this woman...


Mulch with no tree.


Not that good of a photo, but there will be better photos of Diamondback soon!




KI loves Diamondback so much they even put it on Pasta Salad!


I have one of these in my room!


Never before seen view!


Almost looks real!


Helix #1.


This is what Dback's station really looks like.


Stuck lens through hole in fence to see what was on the other side.

More soon, Including... TONS of Diamondback photos, and more!

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Nice photos, Nick. The one of the Dip-n-dots could have been omitted and I wouldn't have cared. My favorite was the photo of the reflection of the TV. That was really good. I'm glad you also did the same as I and took a ton of pictures of Racie. I was on the very first blue train on this particular day. I'm surprised I didn't see you at some point.

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Nice photos, Nick. The one of the Dip-n-dots could have been omitted and I wouldn't have cared. My favorite was the photo of the reflection of the TV. That was really good. I'm glad you also did the same as I and took a ton of pictures of Racie. I was on the very first blue train on this particular day. I'm surprised I didn't see you at some point.

Thank you, Nick! I love taking photos of Racer, it's probably the most photogenic coaster at KI if you know where to go to take them. And same here, I'll be at KI this weekend, will you?



Flight Commander's old queue.


Being Renovated.


Nice detail for this building, even though it's not visible unless you look over a fence.


First of all, King Cobra? And secondly, why would you want a photo strip with Congo on it?


Face/Off.. Whats that?


Adventure Express, trees got in the way though.


They painted over the green.


No more Fire-Flight/X-Hawk.


Awesome element.




Neat looking bird under Eiffel Tower.


I told the elevator op. they need to fix this, but they didn't even notice anything wrong with it..


Looking down.


Up they go!


I can see my house from hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


I liked the hammerhead best in row 8, for some reason it's most intense there.


In the back seat you get great airtime here, but not on the rest of the small hills, but in the front you don't get airtime here but you got airtime on the little hills.


Backlot and Vortex, 2 Trains in 1 photo.


I never noticed you can see Firehawk from here...


Nice guy, I've seen him multiple times this season, and he's really cool.


Scorpion I think.


Neat shot glass.


Race shirt!


Coming soon, more Diamondback photos!

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For you people who haven't ridden Diamondback yet, The lift hill is extremely quiet, the anti roll backs are silent, and you get up the lift in a matter of seconds. It's like a cable lift!




About to dive into a pit of awesomeness!


My friend Brian is on the very front left seat.


More airtime!


The splashdown is very noticeable in every seat, and in the back you get wet!


On the count of 3 how loud can Green train be! 1,2,3- Ahhhhh!


Why are no trains coming!?


Thats why!


An air compressor went out I think...


So they got to evacuate.


Lucky people!


They pretty much got a backstage tour that I haven't got since it was underconstruction.




This is what the train did for a few more hours.


So I got inline for Beast.


KI did infact get something from Geuaga Lake besides X-Flight...

More soon!

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Last set of photos.


As I was about to take a photo of Drop Tower, it dropped.


Empty Diamondback queue and station. The splashdown is still.


The only life in the splashdown was the waterfall.


It was sad seeing no train go down this drop...


Backlot Stunt Coaster got new photos in it's billboards, again.


Why would you want to carry this giant stuffed animal with you All Day long!?


It now dark so we rode Top Gun.


Sadly I didn't have enough time to ride SOB that day because Adam texted me saying Diamondback was about to reopen so We had to get there fast before the queue got too big. We rode Diamondback twice during night.

Thanks for reading!

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Backlot Stunt Coaster got new photos in it's billboards, again.

Actually they got new ones last year and they have remained the same this year.

The one I posted, I remember seeing it there in previous years, but I could of sworn last year it was something else. Not 100% sure though.

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Very nice trip report. I love your photos. The people in a couple of your photos when they were evacuated from Diamondback back looked like they were in excruciating (sp?) pain, praying, and crying.

Thank you!

Great TR and very interesting photos, Nick. Really enjoyed reading and viewing this one.


i thought i saw u entering through metal detectors but i didnt know so didnt say hi

I actually think I saw you too right at the end of Morning ERT at Diamondback.

I really like the photo of Dropzone dropping along with the AE one. B)

Thanks! Same here!

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