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Short 5/10 TR


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After waiting for my best friend to get back from lunch, both of us and my my cousin and her son headed for KI. We arrived at the park a little before 3. Since my cousin's son wore regular shoes this time, he made it just above the 48" mark. Our first ride was A.E. Waited around 10 minutes. It was my lil cousins first coaster and he loved it. Then we headed over to The Racer. Again, about a 10 minute wait. After that, we headed to FlightDeck, waited about 15 minutes.

 The real test for my cousin was The Beast. We waited for about 25 minutes. He was a little uneasy at first but ended up loving it as well. We then headed for Vortex. I finally decided to try 5:1. It was amazing. I will no longer sit in any other seat. SOB was up next. Waited about 15 minutes and rode the blue train.

At this time, it was about 7:50. We made it to BL:SC right before they closed the queue. Then the ride had some technical difficulties. After waiting about 15 minutes, they said that they were gonna open up The Beast for us to ride instead. We headed over and the ride opps were trying to figure out what was going on. They called over to BL:SC and got it straightened out. While the other 10 people went for the front seats, me and my best friend headed to the back. The second to last row is amazing. Best ride I've ever had, plus it was the last train of the night.

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Not unlike Chickenman, "He's everywhere, he's everywhere!"

Or sumthin (or maybe he just reads a lot....Hugh, I'll take 2 and 28, please...)

say what... you confuse me sometimes babe!! So I could have met you and I would have never known it.....humm......

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Actually, I ws thinking more along the lines of the scene in American Grafitti when Curt went to the radio station to make a request to Wolfman Jack. "Aw man, the Wolfman is everywhere man!" And at the time... the young man didnt even know he was in fact talking face to face with the Wolfman

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