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Friday May 15th


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I arrived around 11:00 and immediately went to the SRL for DB. In said line I ran into KI Man and his friend. After waiting for around 20-25 minutes for the gate to be opened we were in and to the stairs. Around 10-15 minutes later we were on. This would be the last time the group would use the SRL this day. For whatever reason, no passes were being handed out, just another example of the madness that is the DB SRL. Seemingly every day brings a new operation method and one wonders when one will be selected as the modus operandi. KI Man and his friend graciously allowed me to tag along for the day, thanks for that Zach.

We hit DB again and then it was time for lunch for the crew. We headed over to the Festhaus and lunch was had. At some point we rode Top Gu...err Flight Deck and then Viking Fury.

After that KI Man traded out friends and I went and got lunch and we met back at DB for 3 more rides. We decided to try the Crypt and when we got to the entrance, we were told that a "slight mechanical delay" was going on, and that the ride was testing and would open soon. While we were waiting the employee told us that the ride program was changed and the door was gone. See Zach's Crypt review for details. I understand that the program had to be changed to prevent the Crypt from destroying itself but as it is now its not worth riding. All I'll say is "not again this season until it's changed."

Zach and new friend and I hit Diamondback one more time and they left. I wandered over to SoB to a near walk on (I waited for the first row) then Vortex and then Beast. I ended with 3 night rides on DB and probably sold at least 2 people on the excellence that is row 1. I also probably recruited two new KIC members who said they would join after hearing of KIC's involvement in RWW. I also ran into iChase's friend, whose name I can't remember for the life of me. What enthusiasm he had!!! He made me remember why I love roller coasters in the first place.

All in all it was a pretty fun day, crowded and hot in the first half, cool and less crowded in the second.

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