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May 16th TR


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Hey guys. I went to the park today, there were supposed to be thunderstorms, so I thought that there wouldn't be that many people there. I was wrong.

First Ride: Diamondback

I looked at the webcam before I left, and there was no line, and I got there and it was a liiittle bit longer, but the line took about 20 minutes. Since I had an odd-numbered group, I was paired with a single rider, and sat down. I was able to give myself some room for airtime. It was really awesome. By the way, I saw Gabriel (Nemo), and he was singing Single Ladies in the ride-op booth. I yelled for him, but he didn't notice me. I would've gotten back on, but my group wanted to leave.. :( We decided to go to hit The Beast. It was my first ride this season, so I was very happy to get on. It was great, the tunnel wasn't as bad as before thanks to the re-tracking.

Second Ride: The Beast

After The Beast, my group split up, some went on The Crypt, but I heard the ride program changed, and skipped it for The Vortex. I took my little 5 year old brother for his first time on a looping coaster. He was really scared to ride it though, and almost had to force him onto it. We got into line, and I decided to sit in 7-1 because I heard a lot about that seat. Let me tell you, I was practically STANDING when I came down that first hill. It was SO awesome. My brother loved it, and he was so happy he did it. He said he was going to go to school and tell all his friends he went on The Vortex with his big brother. :)

Third Ride: Vortex

I called up my group, and they were still in line, so I went and did Spongebob 3-D. I had never done it before, so the 3-D effects were pretty cool, and it was a good ride.

Fourth Ride: Spongebob 3-D.

By this time, the group joined back together, and they said the Crypt sucked. So at that disappointment, we went and ate Skyline. I went off alone after eating to try and ride Diamondback again, but the SRL was closed and the line was full, and almost out of the queue. I wish it had been open, I could've re-rode. :(

So my group was going to go to Drop Tower, but I just don't like that ride, and my little brother didn't want to ride it either. I took him on Congo Falls, and we stood on the bridge together for quite a while. He loved the puddles, and the big wave. When the first wave came toward us on the bridge, he said "Wow!" and laughed.

Fifth Ride: Congo Falls

And after that, my brother said he wanted to ride Son of Beast, but it was closed, and he was disappointed at that.

I called, and they were still in line for Drop Tower, and then I took my 5-yr-old brother to go and ride Scooby-Doo. He beat me by 500 points! He was proud of himself at that too. He rode the Nick Jr. Drivers, and liked that, and then our last ride was the Sportacopters. While on that ride, he proclaimed to me, "LOOK IT'S SPONGEBOB!" when he saw Spongebob. He was just so excited to see him, and ran from the exit to give him a hug. We met up with our group after that and left.

Sixth Ride: SDATHC

Seventh Ride: Sportacopters

Overall, I had a great day. Although it was a little bit more crowded than I had hoped, it didn't interfere with how much fun I had.

Enjoy. :lol:

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Yup and the reason it was so packed is today was both Math and Science days plus music in the parks. I did the smart thing though I noticed everyone was going to Rivertown I simply went to X-Base and got 2 walk-on rides on Firehawk then I waited 10 min for FOF then went on Delirium only took 15 min :) By that time more people started rolling into Coney Mall from DB/ Rivertown.

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I was there that same day. Most of the rides I rode were good (sans Crypt), the food was excellent, the park was clean...I got hit on (I'm a guy BTW)...it was almost perfect. The cherry on top was a night ride on The Beast, which was simply incredible. But it wasn't perfect. We got rash because we were soaked on Congo Falls and White Water Canyon, Son of Beast was closed all day :angry: , and the line for Firehawk, a ride I really wanted to ride after experiencing Vortex, had a HUGE line I wasn't willing to deal with. But overall it was a great day. :rolleyes:

My favorite rides were...

#1-The Beast (was #3, but the night ride was so good!)

#2-Diamondback (Awesome Ride, great airtime, first drop is :lol: )

#3-Flight of Fear (Long Line, but worth it!)

#4-The Racer (Lots of airtime=fun)

#5-Vortex (Fun, but dropped to #5 due to the pain of the OTSR)

Worst Ride: The Crypt. 30 seconds is just lame for a ride like this where I had to wait over 30 minutes.

PS: This was my first trip to KI in 9 years, and most of the people with us rode big coasters for the first time.

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