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High Flying Thrills at Kings Island, Don't Stop The Music to Debut, Park Open Daily, Boomerang Bay & More!

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High-flying thrills were plentiful this past Memorial Day Weekend at Kings Island! We're not talking about Kings Island's new roller coaster Diamondback, but rather the gravity-defying thrills of BMX, skateboarding and freestyle motocross as the ASA Action Sports World Tour made a stop at Kings Island on May 23rd and 24th.

The ASA World Tour features the top ranking athletes in BMX, skateboarding and freestyle motocross. This tour stop at Kings Island allowed the athletes to earn valuable ranking points in order to qualify for the championships in their individual sports.

BMX and skateboarding took place on a half-pipe that was construction in front of the International Bandstand where hundreds of spectators watched in awe as the these world-class athletes did what to the average person would have thought was impossible as they defied the laws of physics and risked life and limb in order to please the crowd and the judges alike.

The true crowd-pleaser for the day was the freestyle motocross. Thousands packed International Street to see the team of Brian Foster, Jimmie McGuire and Dustin Nowak launch nearly 50 feet in the air - spinning the bike, doing back flips, thrusting their bodies into a horizontal position or even completely loosing contact with the bike itself -- only to scramble to return to a sitting position and safely land on the return ramp.

If you missed this one, you missed a very special weekend at Kings Island, however you can see KICentral's official photos of the event by clicking here.

Kings Island's newest show, Don't Stop The Music will make its debut on Monday, May 24th on the International Bandstand. This all-new music revue will feature some of the latest top charters by Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kid Rock and more! Check it out on the International Bandstand at 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30!

If you thought Spring was good then Summer can only be great! Both Kings Island and Boomerang Bay are now open daily and season passes are still available! Visit Kings Island's official site for details and remember the wet and wild Aussie experience in Boomerang Bay is FREE with park admission!

Do you want the latest information sent directly to your cell phone? Sign up for KICentral's official mobile club and receive text alerts with the latest news and information about Kings Island! Signing up is fast and free! Click here for more information about KICentral's official mobile club!

Are you an avid Kings Island fan or do you casually visit once a year? It doesn't matter! KICentral.com is the site for you. Why not register on the forums of KICentral and tell us about your thoughts and experiences involving Kings Island! Registration is fast, FREE, and easy. Don't forget to keep checking KICentral.com for the latest news, rumors and information about Kings Island amusement park!

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Those are some very nice action photos. I love the one where it is centered on the Eiffel Tower and it has the guy upside down on his bike. I am using it as my desktop background. Park is open daily now which makes me really happy due to my school almost being out. Anyone on here that goes to area schools when do you all get out for summer?

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