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Coney Island PTR 5-31-09


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We bought our $9.99 ride wrist bands online and headed for the park. I had never been here before but have seen and heard so much about it. We arrived there at about 11:00am. We got off the highway and went into Gate #2 and walked up to the entrance.


And the people there told us we couldn't go threw this entrance and had to go all the way around and park on the other side. Summerfair was going on and its $10 extra but didn't seem worth it to us. So we get back into the car and park near the waterpark.

Cool little entrance gate, I figure its been here for years?


We turn in our printed tickets for wrist bands and ended up getting a $3 discount because they had the rides at $7 because some of the park was closed for "Summerfair" including Tilta-whirl, Funslide, Screamachine, and the carousal. We went to Trabant because it's the only thing running at the moment. I've always wanted to ride one of these because I've seen many photos of the classic "Wheel of Fortune" that use to be at Kings Island.


I really liked this ride it had some nice attempts of air. We were the only one on this ride along with almost all the other rides this day. Up next was the Pepsi Python. We watched maintenance check the coaster before we boarded. (notice his lap bar isn't down)


We rode Python 4 times with out getting off, we were the only ones on our train.


Next we headed toward Lake Como bay ride area. And took a ride on the New River Runner


I was expecting more from this ship, but at least it was better than Ocean Motion at CP.

Me and my sister rode the Bumper Boats next. Fun ride Indeed.


Near the Bumper Boats is a ride called "Tempest" this ride was relocated to Coney when LeSourdsville closed a few years back. Its a very different ride compared to things I've rode before. Check out the video of it, this thing really gets whirling


Scrambler was super fast and a good ride. Strickers grove needs to take note.


We took a paddle boat ride on lake Como and it didn't fail like at the "Beach waterpark" :lol:



A ride on the classic Coney Ferris wheel was next. (that opt sure is a pro at working this ride B) )


Went and rode Rock-o-Plane


Along with Flying Bobs. This was my first time on one of these rides.



We took one more ride on Python before leaving the Island.


I had a good time at Coney it's at least worth a trip.


Mmm Frozen Custard. :)

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Nice PTR. Honestly, I'll never go to Coney Til' they either announce their removing Python so I ride it before it goes, or if they get another coaster. Cause me being all about Coasters think it doesn't look worth the drive for 1 Coaster.

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There is a lot more to a park than just coasters!

And I was at the Ferris Wheel all day today (I worked a double and stayed at the ride for both shifts). We only had one ride where we loaded every single car. The weather today was near perfect! You could not have asked for a better day.

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It's probably time for my semi-annual endorsement of Putz's (no not the buzzy one...):


American Public Media's Splendid Table Review:






Cincinnati Magazine:


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blue bunny is good,

but putz's is if i remember either nixon or carter told them they've been presidentally pardoned, so the interstate ramps were never built there, and putz's is still there:

Right in landen up from sonic a bit on the right, Is the Whippy Dip, just opened its awseome if you go to the big Kings Island not far from ki, its great,

but good for coney, there looking great:

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