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Coney Island Park 6-28-09

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Today I went to Coney Island with my wife and son to give my son a taste of another park. He kept saying that he didn't like Coney Island before we got there, though he didn't know what it was, but quickly changed his mind when we arrived.

First we hit Sunlite Pool. This season Coney Island introduced TWISTER - a water ride with 4 slides, 2 tube and 2 body. I left my 5-year old son with my wife so that I could experience TWISTER and then I ran to Pipeline Plunge, which has 2 tube slides, and I did both of them. Twister is nice, but I much preferred Pipeline Plunge. After that, I played in Sunlite Pool with my son for an hour.

We ate lunch at LaRosa's after Sunlite Pool and then spent a few hours doing classic rides. All 3 of us did the carousel together and the paddleboats, which I paddled alone while my wife and son enjoyed the ride. I rode the Pepsi Python roller coaster alone - which REALLY needs seatbelts as its bumpy - and the River Runner - which is a swinging ship. Both solo rides were fun. My son had a blast doing small kiddie rides such as the airplanes and mini trains.

Overall, it was a great day. Coney Island was the 4th park I've visited this year. So far I've been to CoCo Key Water Resort, Kings Island, BEACH BEND in Bowling Green, KY, and now Coney Island.

Have a great day!

Italian Chef

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