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yeah my sig says it all. I do have a life though...I am training for cross country right now. so it's just PKI, running, and sleeping for me this summer. Ok, my name is Greg and I'm on Delirium/Slingshot crew. Stop by and say hi sometime. Oh, SOB TOM, are you the Tom who I worked with a couple of days ago? Thanks for telling me about this site, man, you're a stud!

and by the way, I've only worked at PKI for like two weeks, so I'm not some obsessed park rat...at least not yet cool.gif


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oooohhh! I'm off tomorrow too! but since I can't seem to pull myself away from the place, I'll probably be down there riding rides. Soooo....look for me some other time. Or look for me tomorrow, I'll be wearing...ummmm....my yellow Baldwin Wallace Invitational t-shirt. That's really pathetic that I just said that! hahaha biggrin.giftongue.gif

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