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Holiday World to get new ride in 2010?

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Yes, Kentucky Kingdom has one and trust me they are awesome! They give more air then most coasters! I could definitely see Holiday World getting one, add themeing and maybe some special effects the slide could cost 5 million. The only bad thing about Rockets is that they can be un-reliable for the first 2 years but thats not all bad but the main thing is that the line does move slowly...so it doesn't have great capacity.

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That looks so sweet. I wish KI had one. :(

On Proslide's website it states that Great Wolf Lodge at KI has one. I dont know, I havent been there. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

Here is the link: http://www.proslide.com/rides_05_inst.php

it also states the SFKK has one too

Collagatta Racers is by this company so i guess we do have one casue if you go into racers there is a pic of ours.

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I dont care if we get a new ride next year at our park but we need a new water ride in the waterpark it be nice to have pilgrims plunge in BB. :lol::lol:

Please contribute to the topic. Kings Island in need for a new water ride addition is not the topic.

I really hope to see some steel coaster there. Preferably Intiman. But for 5.5 million... that doesn't seem like the case here.

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DO NOT click this link if you want to be suprised. I hesitated posting it, however the info is already live on some news sites:



Times up. I removed the news link after 3 minutes, mostly because ruining surprises is no fun. You'll have to wait for HW to announce...

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seems like a waste of 5.5 million. it has a terrible capacity, too. unlike rollercoasters theres no like midbrake or anything so your gonna have to wait that whole time just for 5 people to go. dissapointing... i really just like the long tube rides that start at the top of the hill and slowly rocket down quite fast like tiki river run at big kahunas in destin, florida.

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