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10 Rides You Think Every Coaster fan should ride before they die

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OK, here is a neat idea. Are there any coasters you think every true coaster lover MUST ride at least once before they die? List 10 and your reasons. If you think there are 2 "similar to each other" Reasons may include...



-Ride Experience

-Record Holder

-So bad you have to ride It to see how bad coasters can be!


And more. Here is my list...in no order.

#1-The Beast @ Kings Island- Legendary, Ride Experience, and Record Holder!

#2-Diamondback @ Kings Island OR Any B&M Hyper@ Various Parks- Ride Experience. I suggest DB but from what I have heard

nearly every B&M Hyper is great.

#3-X2 @ Six Flags Magic Mountain- Ride Experience. It's a very unique roller coaster.

#4-Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point OR Kingda Ka @ Six Flags Great Adventure- Ride Experience, and in the case of Kingda Ka, you get the record holder bonus. But the two are very similar rides and both stand over 420 feet, so they can be interchanged.

#5-Cyclone @ Astroland- Historical Legend.

#6-Leap The Dips @ Lakemont Park- Oldest Roller Coaster Still Standing and operating. Built in 1902!

#7-Millennium Force @ Cedar Point- Ride Experience & World's First Giga Coaster. Is quickly earning "Legend" status.

#8-Magnum XL 200 @ Cedar Point- World's First Hypercoaster.

#9-The Voyage @ Holiday World- Ride Experience alone gets it here.

#10-Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park- Coastergrotto.com's users say it is the best in the world, so Ride Experience.

Sigh. I could go on and on, but I will limit this list to only ten. Thanks and put up your own list if you so desire.

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1. The Beast (definitely)

2. Millennium Force

3. The Racer

4. Kingda ka

5. X-2

6. Voyage

7. Maverick

8. Diamondback

9. Dueling Dragons

10.Top thrill dragster

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(not in any order)

-Diamondback at KI

-Millenium Force at CP

-Top Thrill Dragster at CP

-Kingda Ka at 6 flags great adventure

-The Beast at KI

-Goliath at 6 flags magic mounatin

-X2 at 6 flags magic mountain

-Superman Ultimate Flight at 6 flags over georgia

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1. Magnum XL-200

2. Millennium Force

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Batman the Ride at any Six flags

5. Beast

6. Voyage

7. Space Mountain

8. Expedition Everest

9. Maverick

10. Diamondback

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I think you mean Batman The Ride at any Six Flags that has one. Kentucky Kingdom, for instance, doesn't. And the one at Six Flags St Louis is a mirror image of the rest. It is by far my favorite ridewise, but sentimentally the first one wins out...at Great America in Chicago...

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Yeah i should of said BM Invert clone. lol. I have only ridden the one at Great America. Those rides are intense!!!

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And there's a baby one at California's Great America...Paramount spent less money on it initially, but it was always wonderfully maintained and glass smooth during the Paramount days. I can't speak as to that now, as I have not been to that park since Cedar Fair acquired it.

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The Beast at Kings Island

Millennium Force at Cedar Point

X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Space Mountain at Walt Disney World or Disneyland

Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Europe

Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point

It's hard for me to pick specific coasters. I'd say there's definitely certain types of coasters that everyone should ride, but those are the specific coasters that I think everyone should ride for the unique experience they give.

I'd say every coaster fan should ride one of the following types of coasters:

B&M hyper

B&M invert

B&M flyer

Intamin hyper

Intamin rocket/accelerator

Intamin pre-fab wood

Intamin LIM inverted

Arrow suspended

Gravity Group wood hybrid

GCII wood

Premier LIM spaghetti bowl

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6 Wooden Coasters:

The Beast

The Voyage

A GCI Coaster with MF trains (Personal Pick-Thunderhead @ Dollywood)

A John Miller Coaster (Personal Pick-Jack Rabbit at Kennywood)

A Schmeck Coaster (Personal Pick-Canobie Lake's Yankee Cannonball)

A John Allen Coaster (Personal Pick-Blue Streak)

As for the steel coasters:

Magnum XL 200

A B&M Invert

Bizzaro @ SFNE

As much as I dog it, Top Thrill Dragster

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