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My Best PKI Photo


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Here it is, What do you think? smile.gif

I shrunk it down so it would load faster for us 56K users. (That kinda lowerd the quality sad.gif )

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It seems to be the old antique station. I really wish they would do something other than let it rot away. Maybe put in a faster version of them in there, like take the days of thunder cars, but them on the track, bank the track, and VWALA! A new car ride intertwined with Tiques! (we would need to speed up the cars though...)

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wow thats really good do you mind if i set it as my wallpaper (backround) on my computer? Since your name is in the bottom corner

No I do not mind if you set it to your backround Lora_Croft.

If you wish, I can send you the full size picture, it will have better quality. Email me if your interested.

And Yes, the is the antique cars station.

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