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People OUTSIDE KI Say The Darnedest Things


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Wordplay that gets a groan out of me is a rare treat. I mean that honestly, not sarcastically.

I admit I sometimes get a little confused about what is at which park. Mostly I keep forgetting The Wizarding World isn't Disney. I think it might be because the last time I was in Orlando, nearly everything was Disney. I find myself more drawn to visiting Universal these days. When I actually focus on what is under each company's banner.

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20 hours ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

Had a person ask me the other day if Vortex is sinking. :o

To be fair, we don't actually know that answer anymore. It might be sinking in whatever scrapyard it's in. Or maybe someone dropped their track slice in some quicksand, so a little bit of it is sinking.

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