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People OUTSIDE KI Say The Darnedest Things


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My aunt flipped out on me (in disbelief), when I told here that ki no longer has the antique cars.

Rotag, I am proud of you. Your gramor has gotten a lot better!

This coming from a guy who can't spell grammor.

I think you still mispelled grammer. :rolleyes:

I think you misspelled grammar, too. :rolleyes:

DOH!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Thanks for catching that for me. I think Skaterboy and I both need to learn to spell right. :unsure:

No problem.
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Guest TombraiderTy
I don't see a news story about SoB's collapse, but I also don't see a news story about the death during the construction of Flight of Fear...

The worker that fell during Flight of Fear's construction didn't die. John Reeves, age 20, fell 110 feet from the building's roof on February 1, 1996. He hit a building ledge about 25-feet from the ground during his fall, toppled off, and fell onto his feet. He suffered broken heels, a broken left leg, a crushed right foot, and hip injuries, yet miraculously survived.

Edit- And just in case someone wants a news article or whatever- http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-72842502.html.

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Storm delays coaster rollout

By Kevin Aldridge

The Cincinnati Enquirer Media and special guests expecting to catch a sneak peek at Paramount's Kings Island's Son of Beast today will have to stay in suspense for a little longer.

Park officials on Monday canceled a special preview scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today for the much-anticipated looping wooden roller coaster.

A bolt of lightning hit near the ride Thursday.

“The lightning caused a voltage surge that affected the computer system that operates the ride's chain-lift mechanism,” said park spokesman Jeffrey Siebert.

Mr. Siebert said that testing is likely to continue through Wednesday. The ride is still expected to open to the general public at 5 p.m. Friday.

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Guest TombraiderTy

From a January 13, 2000 article inside The Cincinnati Post:

Part of the new coaster, a section of about 30 by 50 feet, toppled over this week, possibly knocked down by high winds. No one was seriously injured.

From a January 14, 2000 article inside The Cincinnati Post:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating complaints about hazards in construction of the new Son of Beast roller coaster at Paramount's Kings Island after a 50 by 100 feet section collapsed Tuesday.

A spokesman for the amusement park said the section was knocked down by high winds. The section had not been permanently attached, said spokesman Jeff Siebert.

No one was injured.

Doesn't say which section, however, but I seem to recall that there was a photo of the collapsed-section online somewhere...

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^ Almost that same exact thing happened to me the other day at school. Everyone was like "I can't wait until Fearfest! I'm going there on the 14th!"

And then someone else said, "No, you can't, it's not open this year!"

Sometimes I really wish I didn't know so much about Kings Island. Or anything else.

EDIT: Then I was like this:


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On my first day of school, I had some good ones.

First of all, I was in Jazz Band, 2nd period. My director, who goes to KI a lot said "How was your last day of summer? I was going to go to Kings Island but I couldn't," and a kid yelled out "I've ridden Diamondback 5 times!" You have to realize that I (who has ridden it 80+ times), my friend (who has ridden it 60+ times), and another girl were in the room (who had ridden it 100+ times) at the time. My friend and I just kinda looked at him.

The second part is strikingly similar to one of Jackson's.

I was in Language Arts, 7th period, when a kid I knew asked me if I had reached 100 on Diamondback. I said no, but I was at 87. I told him that people had already reached 1,000 though. He said "well I bet there were already people with 1,000 before it came out because they moved it from some Six Flags in Alabama." I was like "First off, there's no Six Flags in Alabama, second, do you know how much it would be to relocate a coaster over 200 feet?"

Then, the same kid, said "I wish they would have put the loops in." I asked what he was talking about, and he said "They were planning to put loops in, but they got short on time so they just left it." I told him that I was in Rivertown on August 6th, 2008, when Diamondback was announced, and there were no loops. He told me that the model at the front of the park had loops, and I just said "Noo...".

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Another couple in school today. The first one's is pretty much the same as the post above, but whatever.

During Lunch:

I was wearing my Diamondback shirt, and whenever I do, that's usually the main topic of discussion during the day. My friend, who had never seen me in the shirt, asked me if I had ever ridden it. I nodded. He started asking me how many times I rode it, and after a few times, I wouldn't answer. Then, he announced loud enough that the whole lunchroom could hear him: "I've ridden Diamondback 5 times!" I looked at him with a sit-down-you're-embarrasing-everyone-around-you look. I then whispered, "Dude... I've ridden it around 80-90 times. He just started at me with an oh-no-I-didn't! expression.

During 7th Period at the track:

Another friend noticed my Diamondback shirt. My friend randomly startedalking about The Beast. He said that they were tearing it down. I told him they weren't, but he kept saying they were going to. So I changed the topic to Son of Beast. I told him that that's the one they may tear down, but probably not as soon as you think they will tear The Beast down. He then told me that he was sure they were tearing down Beast. I asked him what The Beast was. He said this: "It's that tall one over by Top Flight." I just stared at him. Within the past few minutes, he had gotten pretty much everything wrong.

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Reptile Cage, lock yourself in! At least it's more creative than the names or slogans Cedar Fair gives it's rides! As Terpy said in an earlier post, I can't find...

// I think they should rename Drop Tower, Egg Drop.

Somebody told me that in 2006 Son of Beast's lift hill collapsed completely! :lol::lol:

That did happen during construction in 1999. Well, partway.

Actually it was only the helix that collapsed....

Actually, you're wrong. It was a portion of the lift hill that collapsed. I am 100% certain of this.

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At lunch today the Subway lady noticed I had on my Cedar Fair jacket. She asked if they owned KI. I said yes. She asked how much tickets were for the park. I was not totally sure since I had a season pass, but told her to try Meijer for discount tickets. I was there earlier in the week and heard a ticket/DB commercial while shopping. She said that she had called Kroger and they were out of tickets. While I was there eating she called and they still had tickets!

Just by wearing my CF jacket, I helped a lady save some money for a KI trip. :)

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At Cedar Point today, I heard:

In line for Millennium Force:

Teenage guy to his friend: "I hope this is better than that stupid Maverick ride."

On maXair, in full swing:


On Skyhawk:

Little girl to her mom: "I think I have a code brown."

Scared dude to his friend: "I hate you! I'm going to castrate you!"

On Raptor:

Weird guy looking at me: "What's your first, middle, and last name?" (Of course I didn't tell him)

Girl to her boyfriend: "OH MY GOD! WE'RE GOING TO GO UPSIDE DOWN AND STUFF??!!!"

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one day, person1 "so thats The Beast?" looking at sob. person2"yea they shut it down because some guy fell out of the loop and got hit by the train" person1 " wow thats scary" person2 " yea now you have to sign something so you cant sue them if you get hurt while riding," person1 "may be this isnt a good idea" person2 "yea and just a day or 2 ago the trains flew off the tracks and killed every one on it" person1 "f*** that lets go to nick land" and they were in line for sob when they said this. :lol:

this was befor it got shut down.

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Here we go already.

I walked into the Wal-Mark vision center yesterday and get a new eyewear strap to take on Saturday. I found one and took it to the counter to pay for it. The lady asked "Did you find what you were looking for." Trying to kid around, I said "Yes, I hope this will keep my glasses from flying off at 80 MPH." She gave me a funny look and I said, "I am going to KI this weekend." She then said, "Is that how fast you are driving to get there?" I was like "Umm, I wil be ridding roller coasters and be going 80 MPH on one of the coasters." Still a funny look on her face... I was not dressed like a biker in any means so I don't think she thought I was ridding a cycle over which is the only explanation I cold think of as to her asking my driving speed?

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