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Does anyone know what kind of crowds CP usually has on Labor Day weekend? I know it is “closing” weekend for one thing on top of it being a holiday weekend. We have not been able to make the trip all summer and are looking at going that weekend.

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Guest rcfreak339

It will be very crowded....When i went the week before 4th of July weekend it started getting crowded around Thursday. On weekends it's worse, employees can't even drive their cars to work. They have to take buses to save up space for parking.

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Thanks rcfreak339, I appreciate it.

I believe it is the last weekend of regular season (which is what I meant). They are closed the next weekend then open for Halloweekends. I guess I have not gotten use to post being picked apart this site.

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I found Labor Day weekend 08 VERY enjoyable!! Saturday was typical "busy", but not "ludicrous speed"/Cleveland Clinic/overflow parking lot busy, just busy.

Then Sunday was mixed with either the night or day being busy, but the other part really not (the fact that my pristine memory has failed me on that sort of scares me). Then Monday was legitimately dead!! Like MF was a station wait, Maverick 30 minutes, and walk-on's all around.

The only reason I went last year was because I overheard someone at the Mason-Montgomery Lifetime Fitness say to someone else that the Put-in-Bay resort bookings Labor Day weekend were the worst in recent memory 2 weeks prior...green light there!

But then someone told me 07 at CP was similar. As I've really discovered this year, if you can do a 3 or 4 day CP trip, crowds don't even matter.

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