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Some old pics I came across


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Ok so I have come across a few more so I will just post them here.

Not sure if these have been posted, but I love old pics of the park.

If they have been I am sorry and I'm sure someone will be kind enough to point it out to me along with the link.








FROM 1974







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This brought back a ton of memories from when I was young. I remember my grandma dragging me on the Zodiac kicking and screaming. I hated it, she would get me up there and spin the car just to see me cry! I also remember driving some little remote controlled boats in the lake in Octoberfest. I also loved riding the rotor and that talking snail!

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I'm mad that I missed out on all the fun! I would've ridden almost everything there. But now it's just all about "How high can you get?" "How fast can you make it?" "How thrilling is it?". I would kind of like to have an amusement park that doesn't really care about that - like Coney Island!

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