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Some old pics I came across


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The big orange "pillow" building was the Kings Island Theater. Cinema 180 came after that orange building was gone. Cinema 180 was located near the restrooms that are outside Vortex's exit and was a beige color. The Cinema 180 building then became the laser tag. I remember going to KI as a pre-teen and going into Cinema 180 and it was SOOOO cold. You had to sit on the floor and watch this crazy movie that was projected on a dome screen. There were HUGE air conditioner vents that just about blew you away. LOL. I also remember going in there late one very hot day and falling asleep on the floor.

I also remember riding the Enchanted Voyage and then the Smurfs Enchanted Voyage. Both were great rides.

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I think its funny how in The Vortex picture, it says you will go through two vertical loops, one corkcrew, and one bomerang turn. :rolleyes:
Arrow considered two corkscrews together, as one corkscrew. If it were only one corkscrew they would have called it a half corkscrew.
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Not sure if these have been posted, but I love old pics of the park.

If they have been I am sorry and I'm sure someone will be kind enough to point it out to me along with the link.




FROM 1974







Thank you sooo much for posting these pictures!!! I was not around for most of them, but they look awesome! I love seeing vintage KI things!

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Awesome post, brings back alot of memories. Scooby Do was my first real coaster ... as Fairly Odd Coaster was my daughters. Enchanted Voyage was awesome .. I feel that attraction really went down hill with phantom, and scooby. EV was a great ride for kids of all ages, not something my daughter has always been afraid of. The sky ride was always a great way to start and end the day, and I think the fountains used to be alot more colorful at night (or maybe I was just ALOT younger and they looked more impressive!)

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These are wonderful! Thanks for posting these! It's always interesting to see International Street 'before the trees', and o how I sometimes miss the old Sky Ride. I almost forgot about the 'islands' by Demon. The current layout of the park made me think somehow that "Racer" had shrunk, because back then, the coaster went off into the woods beyond the edge of the park. Very nice pics!!!

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I'm only 15 and these pictures are very nice. I always wonder what KI would be like before, well KI was even concieved. Like would I be able to recognize the land it is on now withou any rides or landmarks standings, but very nice pictures.

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I would have to say, I love the water feature underneath The Demon. The streams that run underneath it, to me at least, add a lot to the area. It is simple landscaping/theming like that that make a park truly unique. Cedar Fair could learn a thing or two.

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