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Some old pics I came across


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Yeah I have seen these. I miss how the park was when I was younger Hanna-Barbera Land was classic, I remember Smurfs being every nook and cranny when I went when I was younger. I miss The Smurfs Enchanted Voyage I LOVED that ride... Phantom Theater was ok didn't really care for it all that much. Scooby-Doo I love how that coaster was painted yellow.

Scooby-Doo and The Haunted Castle I miss you! Scooby-Doo you were a Kings Island staple You will missed!

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KI has a 1970 construction pic on their Facebook page. I'm not at my normal computer so I can't post it. I'm sure someone reading this can.

Nice to see the 1972 map posted. To this, the Rotor remains the only ride that has EVER made my lose my lunch. That ride was the epitome of spin-n-puke.

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QUOTE (coaster_junky @ Aug 11 2009, 03:42 PM) wow, i'm not sure if i like the color of scooby doo, and what was in the building where sdathc is?



Is that the same building heavily redone for phantom on or did they tear it down and build a new one? It looks so much different now

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