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LSM Launch Coaster for Kennywood

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I don't think this has been mentioned before, I searched and I couldn't find a topic on it so if there is one forgive me.

Kennywood is announcing today it's 2010 plans for supposedly it's new Coaster. Not much has been said on the subject but according to Screamscape it is supposed to be a new coaster, possibly a EuroFighter. Here are the 3 Screamscape reports on the subject, in chronological order:

(5/16/09) The local news reports that Kennywood’s new owners have announced that ‘a big ride’ will be added to the park in either 2010 or 2011.

Park News - (8/11/09) Kennywood is set to make their big 2010 announcement this Wednesday I’m told. So far they have hinted that anyone who loves coasters will be quite pleased with the big announcement.

2010 - Big New Ride - In Development - (8/12/09) I’ve got nothing to base this on, but I pulled out an interesting but short e-mail out of my spam folder tonight. It simply read “Goodbye Turnpike, Hello Eurofighter”. A clue as to the big announcement in a few hours? We’ll find out soon enough.

Sorry I can't find more on the subject, this is all I can turn up.

Anyone have more info to offer?

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An LSM Launcher for Kennywood, Of the Eurofighter style, built by Premier.


Still no name and logo, but it sounds pretty cool. 0-50 in 3 seconds, 90 degrees up, 90 degrees down twice, 3 inversions sounds pretty good to me.

More ride info:


Kennywood’s new launch coaster will feature many exciting and unique features including three

inversions and a 0-50mph launch in three seconds! After the high-speed launch, riders will experience

a vertical ascent to 95ft before a brief cliffhanger pause at the top and a 90-degree drop into a

maximum G-force pullout. The riders then enjoy extended airtime as the train races into an inverted

top hat element, passes into a barrel roll and goes vertical again through a twist up leading to another


Riders experience a second vertical free fall followed by another maximum G-force pullout on the way

into a highly banked fan curve. After a traditional corkscrew, a curve to a zero gravity hill, and a series

of wave turns, riders finally return to the station.

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I'm glad that they plan on bringing the Turnpike back, I like the fact that Kennywood doesn't offer Season Passes, It stinks for locals, but it does keep the crowds down for tourist :)

I'm sure it won't be long before they eventually have them though

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Kennywood has recently changed ownership, as I noted. It would not surprise me even a little bit if they started offering season passes, which I think would be a tragic mistake, given the neighborhood the park is in. Even Astroland in Brooklyn eventually started offering them after many years of resisting. Knoebel's still does not offer passes, but does have free admission and free parking.

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To start off, don't you loved how they used video of Mr.Freeze? And the making of the coaster, which was on NL, seemed pretty poorly made.

When I watched the video, it look like as the train goes up the initial vertical climb, there is a set of launch 'boosters' to help it get to the top. Also, I hope it's just the way the video is made, but some of the transitions look sorta rough.

That was a video of Mr.Freeze. You can see the "boosters" here:


So....they're getting Chiller/Mr. Freeze??


I guess so. :P

Wow, that NL coaster in the promo was terribly done.

I wouldn't say terrible but very bumpy and so forth.

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Guest rcfreak339

Looks awesome to me...but to be number 1? I doubt it. I bet the man just said that because he was in front of news cameras being asked questions.

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