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They may be selling it to another park so it would be another parks problem, but the other park may just be the winner. Look at the Giant Boomerang (DeJaVu) that was moved from a SF park to Silverwood, for a ride that was down more than it was up at SF, Silverwood has been able to keep it running quite reliably. From what I've read when Silverwood bought the ride they had Vekoma come in and set it to their standards actually removing some "un-needed" safety sensors that were added by SF. Don't hold me to that just read it somewhere.

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I wouldn't buy that thing. There's obviously an issue with it since Kennywood just installed it in recent years and is already removing it.

Prior, it was at Lake Compounce. I rode it there back in 2000 or so.

Quite frankly, if KI were to do anything with the Crypt, I'd suggest re-installing it outdoors and using the show building for something else.

However there are so many complicated computer parts involved in Crypt, that when the park does decide to do something with it, it will likely involve the junk pile.

I'd be willing to bet that we will see the show building outlast the Huss unit inside of it.


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So there trying to sell it so someone else can have problems with it.


When we were at SFA earlier this year, I did not see it in the park SBNO so maybe they already have it down.

Im betting they put in storage and are wating for a buyer. KI should buy it and have it raceing Invertigo. I did it on rct3 and it looked alsome and didnt carash.

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KI should buy it and have it raceing Invertigo. I did it on rct3 and it looked alsome and didnt carash.

Do you think at ALL before posting? Not only is that full of grammar errors and misspellings, but seriously, Kings Island buying another Invertigo to have it racing? Are you serious?

Before you post, think to yourself, "Is what I'm saying rude or hurtful? Is it appropriate? Will it Contribute To The Topic At Hand?" And please, get a spell check!

Jackson, getting rather tired of trying to figure out what someone is saying only to figure out that what they're saying is a load of nonsense.

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