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Nik Wallenda Succesfully Walks a 262' High Wire at Kings Island!

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Success! Nik Wallenda, a seventh-generation member of the legendary Flying Wallendas Dynasty, successfully walked a high wire from outside of the front gate to the Eiffel Tower this past Saturday at Kings Island. This incredible feat was done at an amazing altitude of 262' in the air - roughly the height of the observation deck of the tower! Spectators watched breathlessly for around 25 minutes as Wallenda traversed the over 800' distance on a steel wire that was only 5/8 of an inch in diameter - smaller than the width of a nickel.

Nik is the third Wallenda to do a high wire act at Kings Island. In 1974 Karl Wallenda, the patriarch of the Wallenda family, made a walk which was the length of what was then known as the Coney Island section of the park (now Coney Mall). Thirty four years later, his grandson Rick Wallenda successfully attempted a world record attempt with a 2,000' high wire walk from the Eiffel Tower, down International Street, past the front gate and back. Although the most recent high wire walk performed by Nik Wallenda was a distance much shorter than his cousin's, it was performed at a height that is three times higher than the previous walk.

Nik Wallenda, the 30 year old Sarasota native, is no stranger to high wire thrills and world record attempts. He is billed in the Guiness Book of World Records twice with his first record being his part in an incredible eight-person high wire pyramid. His second record stems from another high wire feat -- this time on a bicycle! Nik rode his way into the history books as he broke the world record for the greatest distance ever traveled on a high wire by bicycle, which was a distance of 150'.

"What's next for me?" Wallenda rhetorically asked himself while addressing the crowd after his high wire walk. "I've already secured the permits. I'm going to walk the Grand Canyon!"

Click here to see photos of Nik Wallenda's amazing high wire walk at Kings Island!

Coming off of their first post season appearance in franchise history, the Columbus Blue Jackets will "carry the flag" to Kings Island with their Blue Jackets Breakaway on August 22nd. Events will include two question and answer sessions with television analyst Bill Davidge in the Kings Island Theater. Blue Jackets representatives will be on hand to answer questions about ticket packages and guests can register to win cool prizes, including tickets to see the Blue Jackets play at Nationwide Arena.

As reported on Kings Island's official Twitter, Halloween Haunt - Kings Island's immensely popular Halloween celebration will have an extended season this year! Select Thursdays (October 8 & 15th) and Sundays (Oct 11th & 18th) have been added to the operating calendar!

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262 feet up in the air was just plain crazy, very fun to watch him walk it. Whats funny is myself and my family is in the on lookers picture that Ryan took, so lets play where's Gary I'm wearing a dark green beast shirt and sun glasses and my wife is wearing a bright blue shirt!

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It wouldve been awesome to watch that. But sadly enough after the camp o ree was over i didnt feel good on satureday and was in first aid 4 different times for almost an hour each time. Buti am know feeling better.

Hmm... I must've seen you a few times then. ;)

But I'm glad your feeling better.

That was one amazing walk. I was on the walk over to the park from Boomerang Bay when he started walking. We saw him the first time near the Picnic Grove. It looked like he was just floating there. I tried to film a video on my phone but all you can see is a little black dot. :P

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is it just me or is the boy in the green circle pulling a carol burnett?

Watch what you say, you never know who you could be talking about. :P

Actually Terpy is right, yes there is a cell phone involved and yes that is me in the green circle. :lol:

So I did see you there! I thought I was crazy. I sat back right infront of International Showplace and saw everything perfect.

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