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Wow, that is truly an eery scene. Seeing those coasters under water, how much repairs will have to be done, and most importantly, how many lives were lost during this tragic accident. My hopes and prayers go out to the Atlanta area.

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It's actually bad beyond belief.

Even when I have seen the Ohio River Flood, I've never seen anything like the flooding that we've seen.

Entire interstates are closed due to flooding.

They're calling this a 100 year flood. They have no recorded history of the waters being this high.

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Yep, I second what Terpy just said.

And those images of SFoG in that article remind me of images that I`ve seen of Coney Island. In fact, a lot of stuff at Coney gets packed onto semi trailers at the end of the season, just in case there is a flood. In the event of a flood, those trailers are quickly trucked out to higher ground. I know because I have been helping winterize Sunlite Pool for the year this week and last week. A lot of what I`ve been doing is packing stuff up onto trailers, or moving things to higher ground/tying things up in case of a flood.

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I'm safe. And thank you.

Most the schools were closed today and tomorrow. That keeps many off the roads. Many are still closed and many are washed away, entirely.

My house is on a hill so all was ok with me. I think there is some water damage to the porch and to the deck. It has to dry to make that determination.

Say a little prayer for all the people down here that lost loved ones and lost their homes.

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Here is a picture on Yahoo, sad to see for sure.


After scrolling through the entire slideshow, I am again amazed at the power of rain/water. Unfortunately, I'm sure that the pictures don't really show the devastation that this kind of event can cause and the impact that this can have on people and a community.


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