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Halloween Haunt Question

RD Reynolds

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Where does the Halloween Haunt imagery start appearing? We want to bring our 4-year old to KI before the park closes, but he is a bit scared of Halloween stuff. Obviously we aren't staying for the night time stuff, just want to ride a few rides and have some fun without creeping him out.

Are the skeletons and stuff right up next to the gates? I just don't want him being scared...



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i thiiiiink nick closes at either 6 or 7 (theyve been known to change their minds [and the sign has been known to be made wrong....like last year]) saturday just look at the nick area entrances (by chik-fil-a or scooby/first aid) and they should tell. they give you at least 30 mins to an hour to get the munchkins out before the undertaker and them show up out front. they wont make you walk through that with little bitties, it makes the monsters feel bad to make babies cry, kind of a mood killer lolz

in summary, check signs and ask Nick ride ops (especially supervisors, associates dont always get told what's going on)

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