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The "Average" Roller Coaster


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OK, having not made a poll in a few weeks, I need to get back on track. So, here is an interesting topic. When you think, "the average roller coaster", what kind of ride pops in your head? A Arrow Mega Looper? A classic woodie? Something that should not be considered anywhere near "average"(X2, Son of Beast, and other "oddities" and such)?

Here is what still pops in my head: a classic out & back wooden coaster. Pictured is Blue Streak @ Cedar Point, a perfect example.


What do you think of when you imagine "the ordinary roller coaster"? Enjoy. ;)

PS: If you don't like polls...you shouldn't be here. Though this really is more of a "discussion"...

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Great question. I want to say that when I think of a coaster generically, I always think wood, and though I love twisters and cyclones, the average coaster in my mind is:

Cannon Ball at Lake Winnie:


All pictures there are thumbnails and clickable.

The stats? Average. The designer? John Allen. The ride experience? Smooth, with lots of airtime. Just a fun, fun, fun ride with nothing outstanding or spectacular or exceptional, and in a great little park, too.

And yes, it's an out and back....something I generally don't think all that much of.

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What is an "Average" roller coaster?

Technically, that would be the most common style roller coaster. Which, would be none other then....



In all seriousness, for me an "Average" coaster would be anything by John Allen. It's the epitome of a roller coaster basically, a few stories high, lots of drops and airtime, a turn or two and somewhat long.


And most of all, fun!

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Ninja at SFOG + The Georgia Cyclone at SFOG + Maverick + Millennium Force + Nitro + Tremors + Mean Streak + Son of Beast + Fairly Odd Coaster divided by 9 has to come very close to being an average coaster. :)

Terpy sure knows his math!

There is no such thing as an average coaster, because wood and steel give two different types of rides. An average wood coaster would be any John Allen coaster, and an average steel coaster would probably be a Boomerang or a hyper.

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when I was younger I always thought The Beast was an average coaster and Racer was a little/family coaster. As I have gotten older and matured I have come to terms that Beast was and is bigger than most. So now when I think of the average coaster, the one that gets me pumped for summer would be The Racer, or any woodie. Love the sound, the feel, the bumps, and the nostalgia of the ride..... give me an old fashioned woodie about 100-150 ft high :)

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