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Flying Eagles

Mr. Fusion

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It's kinda hard to teach, or shall I say put it into words. There are alot of variables, to to it. It's kind of one of those things where you have to learn it hands on. Like Polevalting, I studied up on tips, techniques, and different information before track. Since i havent Pole valted for the entire off season. It was impossiable to learn that way.

Basically you have to catch the wind, have it throw you out and up, and than get undernight (spelling) the wind and have it throw you down. Thus snapping the cables.

Like I said, its a hands on thing. smile.gif

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You have to get some height before you can snap, to do that you just have to swoop. Go as high as you can, then swoop back down, when you feel your about 5 feet from the ground swoop back up and you'll be higher than before. Do this enough, and when you come down, the eagle will actually come almost to a dead stop, but the cable towing you keeps moving. Then the cable will "snap" from having to pull the eagle after it's slowed down, the other effect from "snapping" is that you gain alot of height really quickly. The thing about swooping up and down is that you kind of have to feel for when to do it, the ride has a few sweet spots based on where your eagle starts. But as long as you go back up about 5 ft. above the ground, it should eventually work.

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I realize that people do it all the time, but do you think that snapping the cables is bad for the ride? I'm sure it puts sudden impact strains on the superstructure.


The Eagles at PKI are designed for snapping. Other's like at carnaval's or even other admusment parks are not. Because of this PKI has no anti-snapping rules. cool.gif

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