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One Last Time For 2009!

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Now that Fall is in full swing, the 2009 season at Kings Island is sadly drawing to a close. This weekend, October 30th through November 1st, will be your last opportunity to experience the over 50 rides and attractions that Kings Island has to offer including Diamondback, the new 230' steel monster, which debuted this year.

To close out the season, Kings Island is offering some special admission discounts that create a great opportunity to invite friends and family to enjoy the park for themselves one last time for the season.

Purchase your tickets from Kings Island's Official Site and you can get a 4-pack of tickets for $79, or $99 for a 4-pack of tickets for all day Saturday or Sunday.

Additionally, 2009 season pass holders (and those who have not used their one free visit with the 2010 pass) can bring a friend for the super low price of $9.99 on November 1st - the last day of the season.

See a first hand account of the history of Kings Island as WCET's Nate Byrum takes you through the very unique history of Kings Island in his documentary Riding History to the Limits. From its rare beginnings of being one of only a few parks that have actually been created by moving another park to the illustrious heights of Diamondback, this documentary will take you on a roller coaster ride of information that you've never seen before!

Do you want the latest information sent directly to your cell phone? Sign up for KICentral's official mobile club and receive text alerts with the latest news and information about Kings Island! Signing up is fast and free! Click here for more information about KICentral's official mobile club!

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Oh, really? His first post is on topic, the other three certainly are NOT.


This is clearly a bot after the first post. The first post was on topic for the thread at hand...but the last three? No way.

The second post the poster made was clearly off topic and reprehensible.I see no reason to repeat his comment about comparing various types of diseases transmitted in ways not appropriate for discussion here. How do you see THAT as being on topic?


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