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Coney Island- Dreaming of Flats?

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Right now the rides have about 150 workers, which at this point is almost too much. For some people right now its hard for them to get shifts just because there are so many of them. Keep in mind, that the Pool is Coneys main moneymaker, not the rides. Coney still has plenty of room for new rides, it just lacks the money to buy them as they are still trying to work off the Twister from last year.

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Yes, the Twister replaced the Zoom Flume. But the Zoom Flume was a very tired ride. (It opened in 1977). Yes, Turtle Parade replaced the Kiddy Circle Freeway ride, and River Runner replaced Spin-A-Ree. However, Eurobungy Dome was also installed in 2008, and resulted in at least one additional worker on the clock at all times (yes that is an upcharge attraction, but it still was added in an area that was otherwise unoccupied). And in 2007, Rock O Planes was added in a previously unused piece of land, and it requires two operators to run.

Yes, the more rides there are, the more people that are required to be on the clock at any given time. However, that is true at any park. KI added more employees when they added Diamondback. The bottom result is that it does increase the operating costs. That being said, I don`t think operating costs (ie the number of employees on the clock is the issue for Coney). As Dilbert mentioned, it is more about Coney being very conservative when it comes to installing new rides/attractions. Will we see Coney add another ride eventually? Likely. Will they add it without taking anything else out? I don`t know. Eventually they may add an additional ride requiring more staffing.

And for those wondering, the Bumper Boats at Coney are now officially back open again, on a brand new dock. The dock is now rectangular and set up slightly different from the old dock. There is an entrance "gangplank" leading out to the dock, near Tempest`s exit. The exit for the new dock is in the same location as the old dock`s entrance/exit.

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Yes, you would be able to eventually work the rides you want to, within reason. Typically, the new hires or first years will spend a lot of time at the kiddy rides, since they are the easiest to operate. Although the Carousel and Tilt A Whirl are fairly easy to run as well. By the end of my first year, I had worked every ride except for the Ferris Wheel, which is by far the most difficult ride to operate at Coney.

In part because it is not a simple start and stop button to control the ride. The ride is controlled by a stick which is attached to the throttle and brake. To safely operate the ride, you must carefully balance the ride. And the controls can feel different depending on how hot it is out. The hotter it gets outside, the more touchy the controls get, which isn`t good if the ride gets slightly off balanced.

Kinda like the Monster at KI. Not just a push button operation unless it has changed since the early 80's.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Monster is still operated with levers, and it seems fairly complicated.

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