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Planet Snoopy Ride Names

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okay, since when Cedar Fair took out the paramount connections at Kings Island and the other paramount parks, pretty much all of the names were changed to the same thing at different parks, such as, the crypt, backlot:stunt coaster, flight deck, and so on.

so are the names of the Planet Snoopy rides going to be the same deal? if so, carowinds already has their new names up here, and i guess we can go on and get used to them.

sorry if this has already been posted somewhere, i was not on here for like two months and never saw anything on it if it got buried.

p.s. i was kinda expecting woodstock express for fairly odd coaster. :rolleyes:

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Yeah, sorry. Haven't been on in awhile.

Anyway, I feel that most of the rides will get the same names. But, I think that Fairly Odd Coaster may go back to Beastie. I hope it does, but it's just a name after all.

EDIT: It looks like Kings Island is working on the web page right now. There is no Nickelodeon Universe section like there was last time I checked.

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Here they are again:

Carowinds names:

Character Carousel (formerly Nick-O-Round)

Charlie Brown's Wind Up (formerly Backyardigans Swing-a-long)

Flying Ace Aerial Chase (formerly Rugrats' Runaway Reptar)

Flying Ace Balloon Race (formerly Boots' Balloon Race)

Joe Cool's Driving School (formerly TV Road Trip)

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie (formerly Hey Arnold's Taxi Chase)

PEANUT'S Yacht Club (formerly Little Bill’s Cruisers)

Red Baron (formerly Tommy's Take Off)

Sea Dog: HMS Beagle (formerly The Flying Dutchman’s Revenge)

Snoopy's Express Railroad (formerly Dora the Explorer’s Azul Adventure)

Snoopy's GR8 SK8 (formerly Rocket Power Air Time)

Snoopy's Space Race (formerly Nick Jr. Jets)

Woodstock Express (formerly Fairly Odd Coaster)

Woodstock Gliders (former Danny Phantom’s Flyers)

Woodstock's Whirly Birds (formerly LazyTown Sporticopters)

Joe Cool Cafe (formerly Nick Toons Cafe)

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Actually goodyellowkorn182 first posted the Carowinds names on November 3, more than a month ago:


And he nicely named the topic something VERY easily found in search (it's VERY easy to use): Carowinds Planet Snoopy Names Revealed

Discussion went on for FOUR pages, with the last post being on November 7.

Then, Coasterfun started another topic and again posted the Carowinds names...on November 21:


Then we have yet another topic today. It would seem far less messy to leave that first topic open and have all discussion there.

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well, sorry about posting this again, so ryan, dane, or robbie, feel free to close this topic down.

and terpy, i was going to use search, but when i didn't see anything in the "coming attractions" page of the forums about Planet Snoopy, i decided to post it.

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Good luck. She's back. She usually posts the same question approximately six times and never comes back to see the answer. Perhaps, just perhaps, this year will be different....

As for what Avatar is called...I have wondered that myself. He's been missing a lot lately...probably working himself silly. I still don't think he is a coaster, and his absences due to his hard work prove it. No coaster he. More of a flying ace aerial chase type...

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