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Cedar Fair A "Going Broke Candidate"

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What is a shock, is they decided to keep the waterpark open. "Hey guys, we closed you're favorite amusement park, the one you've known and loved for over 100 years, but we kept the waterpark open! Come enjoy the 2 month Cleveland summer at the same business that closed Geauga Lake! Buy season passes, and we might even add a ride or two!"

This is one of the reasons why they're losing money. bad business decisions. I went to that water park this summer and it was so ominous there you wouldn't believe it. everywhere you turn there was an old sea world building, or a fence with destroyed remnants of rides behind it. Not the idea of a place to relax. and the old floating bridge was just a floating dock that stuck out 20 feet to a white picket fence, only to see an amusement park being destroyed behind it. I don't see why they didn't just close off the whole property, sell it as a whole, and ship off the water park rides to more profitable parks like Kings Island and Cedar Point. Hopefully as the economy starts to come back, Cedar Fari will come back with it.

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Just a little reminder. On December 11, 2009, The Motley Fool speculates Cedar Fair is a going broke candidate. Less than a week later, Cedar Fair announces its proposed acquisition by an Apollo affiliate. And just before the distributions were to be suspended, and just as the units were trading at relative lows...




Just pointing out timing here. . .

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