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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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(well, we ALL know I need help, but that's not the point here :lol:)

I plan to visit several new parks in 2010. Please see my signature for parks I wish to visit. This is actually a smaller list that has been narrowed down! I would really like to know the good things and the bad things about any or all of these parks. I've done exhaustive research only to find that there are more and more parks around the parks I want to visit. I'm at a point where I just want opinions, I am overwhelmed with the amount of parks that are out there. I don't know where to start mapping out what parks.. the ones I want to go to, the ones to hit along the way, the ones I might pass up along the way.. aaahh!

My biggest wish for next year is Worlds of Fun. I know for a fact that I want to go to Hershey, SFGAdv, Lakemont, and Indiana Beach. Carowinds and KD are a given. I am really not sure what the others have to offer. As much as I enjoy coasters (woodies being my favorite!), I do care about landscaping/scenery, park layout, quality of food, pricing of food and admission, what shows are worth seeing, quality of service, any special offers they may have, and anything else you feel is worth mentioning.

Any and all help is appreciated. Feel free to be honest and give details.

Thank you VERY MUCH. :)

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I went to Hershey the October of '08. I found it to be a very quaint and pleasant park. It almost reminded me of a larger Holiday World with steel coasters.

I found the park layout to be very hilly and almost displacing, but I found my way around eventually.

From my memory, the quality of food was pretty average (although I found it tastier than most Kings Island food, for the record.) I believe that food prices were relatively low compared to other parks (Busch Gardens Tampa, for example.)

I didn't get a chance to see any shows besides passing by a kid's show on my way to Fahrenheit.

Service, at least for me, was very pleasant. I'm not sure of any special offers they have, though I'm sure if you look around you'll find some.

I had a very enjoyable time while at Hershey, and I'm sure it's a trip you won't regret! There is much more to do in that area than just the theme park as well (including the chocolate factory and gift store. Gettysburg is also about a half-hour away if you're interested in american history.)

I hope this helped!

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I guess the question begs to ask - what are you doing besides amusement parks in the operational months of 2010?

Have you thought about taking all that money you're going to dump into all those amusement parks and go on a cruise? Gosh, what a perfect vacation for you - A cruise that departs out of the Port of Orlando or San Pedro - then when you get back you could hit up a few of the disney/universal/busch parks in florida, or in CA you could do Magic Mountain and tour all of LA and go see the Grand Canyon.

Just rambling... but my suggestion - think outside the amusement park box. Maybe you can save yourself from premature burn out and discover a new hobby all in the same. Both Florida and California have beautiful natural parks. The times I've gone to those states amusement parks were included in my trip and they were the most anticipated, afterwards, the amusement parks were fun, but couldn't hold a candle to some of the non-coaster related trips and excursions we participated in...

Food for thought... Spend your money wisely... and always travel, because you never know when you wont be able to anymore

just my 2 cents

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Oh I have just as much fun at zoos, aquariums, and nature preserves as I do at amusement parks. I am absolutely in love with nature, and historic landmarks. In fact, I enjoyed the St Louis Arch 10 times more than I enjoyed Six Flags STL.. no, I'm not joking. I'm sort of a live for the moment kind of girl, but I also like to have some things planned out. That's why I'm asking for advice on where I should go.

Most of the long coaster trips will likely be done with a group so we can all save money. I just recently became enthusiast, and I LOVE to travel to new parks to see what they have to offer. I HIGHLY doubt I will burn out any time soon.. I'm just getting started! :)

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Also, if you go to Lakemont, you MUST go to Del Grosso's. They are within 20 minutes of each other, and both are worth the trip, for far different reasons. There are lots of reports of visits to those and to Great Adventure on these pages.

I can't agree with Erosarrow05 more...the day may come at any time when you cannot travel any more or cannot travel much anymore. Take advantage while you can. Do what you want to do. And do what you will have wanted to do five, ten and twenty years from now.

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I've been to SF Great America and Kings Dominion.

Kings Dominion is pretty fun... A lot of similarities to Kings Island. However I felt like I was in a concrete paradise at KD. The theming isn't as good as KI, in my opinion. The TOGO Stand-up is nice though, if you haven't been on King Cobra. But the roller coasters are very solid. Anaconda is fun, as well as their bobsled coaster. Surprisingly I thought Volcano was relatively boring after the launch(es). But overall it's a pretty fun park.

SF Great America is very overrated in my opinion. Raging Bull is a borderline snoozefest. The first drop is the only fun part of that ride. Viper and American Eagle are two good woodies, though. Superman is also a one-trick pony. The pretzel loop is crazy awesome, but after that there's nothing to it. I definitely recommend Vertical Velocity though. And Iron Wolf. A lot of people don't like it, and I'll admit it tosses you around a little bit. But I love that ride. Condor is a must-do flat. I suppose that's all I've got. Good luck with the coaster endeavors haha.

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Of all the Six Flags parks, I liked Great Adventure and Georgia the best.

If your planning on doing a few multi park trips I would suggest Kennywood, Lakemont, Knoebels, Hershey, Great Adventure & Dorney for a week long coast fest. I have not been to Del Grosso's so I can't comment on it.

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Something inexpensive to help with planning is the National Parks passport book. It is less than ten bucks. In it, they list all the national parks, historic sites of interest, etc. When you go to those places, the passport is stamped to show you were there. I thought it was a really neat collectible and got it for Nathan for Christmas.

For a PA trip, Google Centralia. Looks like it is something right up your alley!!

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My biggest wish for next year is Worlds of Fun.

If you do make a road trip to Worlds of Fun, I believe that you must also hit Silver Dollar City in Branson as part of the trip. While the park doesn't have the largest selection of coasters, it has a few good ones. Wildfire is a B&M looper that has an awesome first drop into a cool inversion element. Powder Keg has fun airtime and turns. Thunderation is an awesome Arrow mine train that you can ride forward and backward (and is great both ways).

Beyond the coasters is where SDC really stands out though. Incredible theming, good food (at reasonable prices as I recall), wonderful shows (seasonal/festival dependent). There is also Marvel Cave that you can tour as part of the admission price (I didn't but will in the future) and some other fun rides (Fire in the Hole dark ride, themed train, and few good flats).

There are also some other things to do in Branson - check out Railriders PTR http://www.KICentral...showtopic=18582

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